What Degrees are Best For ENFP Personality Types?

ENFP personality typesThere are certain degrees that are best for ENFP personality types. Below introduces four degrees that are perfectly suited for an ENFP personality type, which stands for extroverted, intuitive, feeling and perceiving, according to Truity.

Extraverted – Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers and their sales agent assistants help their clients buy, sell and rent properties. Brokers are officially licensed to conduct their own real estate businesses while sales agents must work under the supervision of a real estate broker. A real estate broker introduces properties to potential clients through print advertisements, online chat programs, in-person tours and phone conversations. They provide clients with pricing, mortgage and market information. Real estate brokers create and disseminate comparative lists of properties for sale and rent. They also mediate negotiations between the seller and buyer and prepare contracts and other legal documents. All states require that real estate brokers and sales agents complete real estate courses and obtain licensure through passing an exam.

Intuitive – Interior Designer

Interior designers improve the beauty and functionality of internal spaces through arranging colors, lighting, decorations and even furniture. They must have analytical attention to detail with an artistic eye for symmetry. They apply their project management skills as they bid on projects, meet with clients and create design plans. Interior designers must create schedules, deadlines and budgets. They must have excellent spatial and conceptual skills because they will mentally measure, move and arrange people, objects and spaces. They will sketch preliminary designs and suggest possible furnishings, such as lighting, flooring and wall finishes according to set themes and styles. They use interior design software programs to prepare final plans and analyze building codes and blueprints.

Feeling – Actor

Very few actors achieve wide recognition as starts. Most actors portray supporting characters in TV, film, theater and other performing mediums such as theme parks or live events. Their purpose is to entertain, inform and inspire. Some actors primarily work as extras with no lines while others perform voice-over or narration work for audiobooks, documentaries and animated TV shows and films. Certain actors primarily sing, dance or play musical instruments. Acting is a diverse and flexible career that may result in long periods of under employment or unemployment. Therefore, actors must be persistent, talented and organized. They must also have intuitive artistic skills and solid memorization skills.

Perceiving – Writer

A writer must not only be perceptive, but also be emotionally intuitive and thoughtful. Writers enjoy academic and career flexibility because they can study a variety of majors, such as Literature or Communications, and work in different industries, such as publishing or advertising. Writers contribute content to everything from e-books to magazines to TV scripts. Regardless of the industry, writers must organize and present creative, informative or persuasive content that is engaging and interesting. Some writers spend more time conducting research, such as when writing a historical novel, while other writers spend more time editing and reviewing documents, such as in the publishing industry. Writers establish their credibility through quality, consistency and versatility.

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Other degrees that are best for ENFP personality types include multimedia artist, travel agent, fitness trainer and psychologist.