What Degrees are Best for ENTP Personality Types?

ENTP Personality TypesIf you’ve recently discovered that you’re an ENTP, you’re probably interested in learning more about degrees best for ENTP personality types. ENTP is the four-letter code for one of the sixteen possible personality types that can show up in the results of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). The MBTI is a personality inventory developed on the basis of Jungian psychology. Many people enjoy learning about their personality preferences and find the results useful in helping them to decide what types of work or job situations they might find especially fulfilling. An ENTP personality type is extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving.

More About the ENTP Type

The ENTP personality type is sometimes referred to as a visionary. ENTPs are good conceptual thinkers who enjoy being in charge. They are often very innovative, which makes them good entrepreneurs and executives. Their extroversion and intuitive skills make them not only visionaries, but people who are good at passing their visions on to others and getting other people excited about a project. Since they are good at presenting ideas, they are often skilled at debating. This might suit them well for professions in which persuasive speaking is an asset, such as the law or politics. Because of their strong preference for thinking, they tend to make decisions based more on objective facts than on personal feelings, their own or others.

Jobs and Education That Might Be a Good Fit

When you begin to research good careers for ENTPs, you will probably notice right away how many of the suggested jobs contain the word manager, director or administrator, according to Truity. ENTPs can make excellent leaders, especially when they are able to delegate the more detailed-oriented parts of a project to other people. Interestingly, those with this personality type are self-employed at a higher than average rate, and can usually earn more money as a self-employed person than they can working for someone else. That may be due to their innovative skills. Coming up with ways to solve problems can be a strength of an ENTP, though they may sometimes get bogged down in details when on their way to make decisions, perhaps due to their strong perceiving trait.

Business or law school would be a top educational path for an ENTP, although preferences for certain other kinds of work could lead you to very different kinds of degrees. If you are an ENTP with a strong artistic bent, you might find yourself wanting to become an art or design director. If you are interested in medicine, you might find yourself more drawn to healthcare administration than work as a nurse or physician, especially if you are able to use your skills to run a facility or network in an efficient and visionary way.

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No matter what your personality type, it’s important to remember to play to your strengths, capitalizing on the ways you uniquely process information and work with others. As you learn more about your strengths and challenges as an ENTP, you will no doubt learn more about degrees best for ENTP personality types.