What Degrees are Best for ESTP Personality Types?

ESTPIf, after having taking the Myers Briggs personality assessment, you find yourself classified as an ESTP, you may wonder what degrees are right for that personality type, according to 16 Personalities. We have excellent news for you, and have already done the analysis, so you won’t have to. Below, we’ll discuss the general features of this personality and what areas of study will best assist you in the quest for success.

ESTP, The Doer

There are people who revel in statistics, who painstakingly pursue a research goal, develop theory, and are most comfortable in safe, predictable occupations. That isn’t you. As an ESTP, what you’ll seek in a degree of study is a path to further your experience of the world in a tactile, competitive field. You need something that challenges you, but plays upon your skills of assessment with immediate action.

This is because ESTP is adept at experiencing the world in the present moment through all five senses. Individuals with this personality are Personality incarnate, making friends and alliances wherever they travel, with a natural ease and charm. They live for the experienced Eternal Present, and have little patience with occupations that require deep, long term planning.

Your bold, direct honesty is a gust of fresh air that sweeps everyone along before it. When considering a field of study, perhaps the operative term should be “actionable.” What subjects allow you to dig your hands into the world and work with it right away, leaving the philosophy to those suited to mulling and arbitrary debate?

Beware, ESTP. You and your fellows can often be insensitive, risk prone, defiant, and wholly unstructured. Sure, a certain amount of risk is inherent, but at the risk of missing the bigger picture, your bold, incisive moves may cost you as easily as they reap the fruits of victory.

Paths of Inquiry

Below, we’ll break the types of degree into general groupings, to allow you to focus on what you personally find most alluring. No need to box you in, ESTP, even if we could.

Business and Marketing

You might consider seeking a degree in either business or marketing. While we would never suggest accountancy for you, you have the talent and the strength of character to either be a deal closer, also known as a facilitator, or to cut a vast swath of glory through any marketing firm. You have vision, and are a natural when it comes to seeing what people want or need, so you might consider advertising or a career where you can engage the stock market as a trader.

Computer Science and IT

While we would never accuse you of wanting to sit at a desk all day, you also might find a rewarding path in study of computers. Not necessarily customer support material, you would thrive as a systems administrator, a software engineer, or a specialist that installs and maintains large system networks. Beyond these broad fields, you might consider pursuing an acting degree, a paramedical training course, or any area that requires quick thinking and sharp action.

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There are many regions of study that would be ideal, but in the end, it really is up to you to choose. No one can tell you what to do, ESTP, nor should they try. Since hesitation is not a major characteristic of your particular group, you may have already decided on a course of action as you read this. The best degrees for an ESTP are those that permit maximum freedom of motion, maximum contact with other people, and act as conduits for experiencing the world in a physical, instant fashion.