What Degrees are Best for INFJ Personality Types?

INFJ Personality TypesIf you have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory, you may be intrigued to discover more about the degrees best for INFJ personality types. The inventory, sometimes just referred to as “Myers-Briggs” or MBTI, helps assess a person’s temperament and personality traits based on Jungian psychology. Some people find it helpful as an indicator of the kinds of work they may find fulfilling or do best. Answers to the inventory result in one of sixteen personality types, indicated by a combination of four letters. One of the combinations is INFJ, which stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging. It is a relatively rare personality type.

Work That INFJs Find Fulfilling

Someone with an INFJ personality profile tends to be introverted, with a strong ability to envision big pictures, even when they aren’t the best at seeing details. When making decisions, they have a tendency to consider feelings (their own and others) as much or more than facts. According to the assessment, they are often good organizers and like to get things done in an organized and orderly way. They are good at working alone if they need to, though they also like to help people.

An INFJ personality is sometimes referred to with words like “counselor” and “mentor,” so it’s not surprising that many people with this personality type can be found among the helping professions, according to Truity.¬†Healthcare, teaching, law and ministry are some of the careers which an INFJ personality may find especially fulfilling. In addition to their vision for helping people, many INFJ types are enthusiastic about the arts. They make good librarians, artists, writers, musicians and museum curators.

Degrees For This Personality Type

Given the types of careers that this personality type tends to enjoy, a variety of academic degrees could be considered a good fit. It is likely that an INFJ would get a lot from a liberal arts education, and many of the jobs that they would most likely end up getting could benefit from or require graduate level education. Medicine, law, social work, counseling, theology, education, art, literature, or music are just a handful of the degrees that you might want to consider if INFJ is your personality type. It’s interesting to bear in mind that some career profiles that draw on Myers-Brigg indicate that people with this personality type work from home more than the average, make less money than those of other personality types, and are not likely to be in charge of large teams. Perhaps this is an indication of an INFJ’s preference to work alone or in small groups, and their desire to do humanitarian types of work that carry other rewards beyond financial compensation.

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The fields that many INFJ personality types are happiest in tend to be either service or arts oriented. If you are this personality type, you may find that rings true for you too. As you consider potential careers in those fields that will draw on your strengths and temperament, you can no doubt think of many degrees best for INFJ personality types.