What Degrees are Best for INTJ Personality Types?

INTJ Personality TypesIf you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and discovered your personality profile is INTJ, you may be wondering about degrees best for INTJ personality types. The Myers-Briggs personality inventory is a series of questions whose answers reveal your particular personality type on insights gleaned from Jungian psychology. Your result is a four-letter combination that combines personality traits that show how you best or most comfortably function. The INTJ personality is introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. These traits express things like how you relate to others, get and maintain energy, process information and work through decisions.

Types of Jobs INTJs Might Be Drawn Toward

The INTJ is a rare personality type. Those who hold this type of personality are sometimes referred to as “masterminds” or architects. They are logical thinkers who are very good at strategic planning. The intuitive part of their personality shows that they tend to think well in the abstract, but the combination with other factors, including the strong judging trait, means that they care a lot about their ideas finding practical real-world applications. Because they are good at processing information and strategic planning, they are well suited for jobs involving math, science, engineering or architecture, although there are a number of other fields in which they could thrive as well, according to Truity.

For instance, someone with an INTJ personality might do well in business, especially if they focused on managerial or analyst work. These types of jobs would draw on their strengths as strategic planners, though sometimes INTJs, because of their introversion and thinking strengths, do not always communicate well or take personal feelings into consideration when making decisions. They will likely have to work hard to express their thoughts and to offer the kinds of verbal encouragement that other employees may need to hear. However, because of their commitment to making things work, they’re good at listening to various possibilities and options in work situations. So INTJs can be good leaders, though they can also work well on their own.

Educational Pathways

What degrees might be best for an INTJ will depend on what field they decide to pursue. Because many INTJs are really brilliant thinkers, it is likely that they will end up spending a long time in school to pursue a graduate or professional degree. If you are an INTJ, it’s important to recognize that you will want to find a job that gives you a lot of scope for thinking things through and finding solutions to make things work. You will likely not do well in a workplace that is organized inefficiently or under supervisors that don’t value those kinds of traits. It’s also important to consider that work that is too routine or mechanized would likely bore you.

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Because INTJs are a rare type, especially among women, they can sometimes feel lonely or misunderstood. If this is your personality type, it’s probably a good idea to network with others who share it. Together you can think through career possibilities and degrees best for INTJ personality types.