What Is The Best Degree If I Want To Apply To The CIA?

There are many degrees the Central Intelligence Agency is looking for when screen their applicants. The fact is, the CIA has requirements for people with a wide range of skills and knowledge, so there are a wide range of degrees that are in demand. Often an applicant can get a job with only a bachelor’s degree while in some areas the CIA will want to see a graduate degree. It depends upon what their their current demands are. At their most basic level, they are gathering information and then analyzing this information. For this reason, there are certain degrees that offer an advantage over others.

Foreign language degrees

As an organization, the CIA must be fluent in all languages spoken around the world. The security of the United States depends upon it. Of course, some languages are in more demand than others. Which languages the CIA will want more in the future is only a guess, but they generally will need those spoken in developing nations that are not as common as major European languages. After the attack on the United States in September of 2001, there was a shortage of Arabic translators. The written word is as important as the spoken word when gathering and analyzing information.

Cultural anthropology

This is a good degree to have and is needed for reasons similar to those of language. In order to understand what is happening in another nation there is a need for experts on that culture as well as the history of the culture. To under that past and present is invaluable to predicting the future events of a nation. Even without being an expert at any one culture, having a degree in this field lays down a strong foundation to use when learning about any culture around the world.

Psychology is always needed

An advanced degree in psychology is always welcomed by the CIA. They have a need to screen applicants as well as monitored their own work force including agents in the field for psychology issues. Other applications of psychology include profiling of various influential people around the world to help determine what decisions they will most likely make in the future.

Computer science

There are a wide range of jobs that are needed in this field just as there are in the private sector. The CIA uses computers to hold much of the data that is gathered, and they use computers to help analyze the data. There is also the developing issue of computer hacking from enemy nations, and the need to protect the country from this threat. The CIA also needs to help develop the use of these same methods to use against enemy nations. The CIA uses cutting edge computers with their own software, and this opens up many opportunities for computer programmers as well.


There are a great many areas to study that will help land a job at the CIA, but you also need to get good grades and keep out of trouble. Even with an impressive education, there is a screening process that eliminates many people for various reasons. This could be something shady in your past or simply someone you associated with. You can also be screened out for psychological reasons or even having a poor credit rating. The lesson to remember is to be responsible and study hard to get the degree of your choice.