What Is The Best Degree To Become A Broadcast Journalist?

Broadcast JournalistIf you have given any consideration to working within the field of journalism, you might be wondering what the best degree to become a broadcast journalist.

The Best Degree to get to Become a Broadcast Journalist

If you are interested in becoming a broadcast journalist, you should know that there is not one degree that can be considered ideal. However, you should note that any degree program that places great emphasis on the development of good communication skills will enable you to perform your job with excellence and expedience. With this thought in mind, here are three degree programs you should keep in mind:

1. Journalism

Journalism degree programs place primacy upon helping the student master every aspect of the journalism process, including photojournalism, broadcast journalism, investigative journalism, sports journalism, and social media. Students who complete their journalism degrees will be prepared to work within a wide range of career sectors, including public relations, marketing, advertising, business, and technical writing. Some of the journalism courses you can expect to take during your career as a student include:

  • Intro to Multimedia Journalism
  • Undergraduate Media Criticism
  • Mass Media Law
  • Copy Editing and Design

2. English

English degrees train students to develop arguments, organize ideas in a coherent way, and write with proficiency and excellence. As a student, you will gain the opportunity to research, analyze complex information, and read critically. This skill set will be applicable in a plethora of sectors, including hospitals, advertising firms, the government, and television networks. Some of the courses you would likely take as a student include:

  • American Literature
  • Introduction to Literary Theory
  • The English Language
  • Media Theory

3. Communications

The communication degree prepares students to use a variety of tools for the purpose of effectively communicating with voice and written word. This major places a great deal of primacy on developing the student’s writing skills, with an emphasis on style, composition, and grammar. Some of the courses a communications student might take include:

  • Human Communication
  • Visual Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Introduction to Mass Communication

Building Your Career

In addition to carefully considering which type of degree you want to attain in order to work within the field of broadcast journalism, you should think about other career-building activities you can engage in. While several exist, you may find it particularly advantageous to complete an internship. Internships are valuable for many reasons, including the fact that hiring managers often view them as tangible proof that you have attained the knowledge and experience necessary to perform your job well. You can find a variety of journalism internships at Journalism Jobs website. In addition to participating in an internship, you might make a point to attend job fairs on your college campus. In many cases, you may find that you can attain an entry-level position within the broadcast journalism sector prior to attaining your degree. Like internships, entry-level positions provide you with valuable experiences that employers will likely view favorably when reviewing your resume.

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If you are thinking about becoming a broadcast journalist, you should know that selecting and completing a degree program will be an important part of the process. Now that you know which degree is best to  become a broadcast journalist, you can make an informed decision regarding which program would be most appropriate and advantageous for you.