What is the Best Degree To Become a Network Administrator?

Local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) need sufficient support to operate efficiently, and that is where network administrators come in. In addition to LAN and WAN, network administrators are also valuable for the support they provide to network segment systems, Internet and Intranet.

A network administrator’s duties cover a diverse range of distinct support tasks, but their overall contribution can be collectively referred to as the preservation of digital security and stabilization. If you aspire to become a network administrator, then there is more than one specific degree you could pursue to kick off your career.

Different degree programs offer slightly different foundations of material to develop your administrative skills. Consider the following degrees and the material that their respective programs may focus on in terms of what you can eventually perform in the administrative role.

Computer Science

A big part of a network administrator’s value comes in their ability to demonstrate expertise in a variety of hardware innovations, and this is where a degree in computer science can be very useful. Computer science degree programs empower graduates with well-rounded knowledge on the various skills and experience needed to both understand and operate all kinds of computational technologies.

Because the field of computer science is constantly developing with new changes, network administrators need to constantly update their knowledge to keep current with modern forms of computational technology used to keep systems afloat. In addition to knowledge about the fundamentals of basic hardware, computer science degree programs also give graduates a solid base of knowledge on the theoretical aspects of computation; with this, computer science degree holders can apply their knowledge of computation to all administrative tasks.

Management Information Systems

Information systems are relevant to everyone who works in any business that depends on modern technology. Even a company that isn’t specifically classified as a data center, such as a grocery store, will need to use an information system in order to keep track of things such as their inventory. A major program in management information systems will give graduates the ability to operate the various organizational solutions that all modern businesses need in order to operate fluidly.

Network and System Administration

No matter what company a network administrator may work for, there will be a great many different elements composing the network that the administrator needs to keep running smoothly.A major in network system administration gives students a directly-focused curriculum in terms of network management.

Networking system administration majors will be taught valuable skills in the art of ensuring that all different aspects of a network are kept in sync; these fundamental aspects include user data, software, hardware, programs and more. Similar to a computer science degree, a degree networking system administration will indicate that the graduate has the ability to adapt their skill set to newer forms of technology without losing any efficacy.

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Overall Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the average annual salary for network and computer systems administrators is about $78,000, varying depending on experience and skills. The projected industry job growth by 2024 for network administrators is roughly 8%, slightly faster than average.