What Is The Best Degree To Become an Interior Designer?

Interior DesignThe best degree to become an interior designer is usually a bachelor’s degree in design or art. Interior designers work with clients to construct new buildings and to change the look of existing buildings. They typically need a strong background in design courses and construction courses that help them meet the needs of their clients. While some schools offer interior design degree programs, you can work in the field without earning a degree specifically in that field.

Interior Design vs. Interior Decorator

Many people confuse interior designers with interior decorators. Decorators don’t need as much education as designers do. They can complete a simple training program or go to work without any decorating experience. Decorators often deal with the finished look of a space. They pick out furniture and accessories for the room. Interior designers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and experience with drafting designs and renovating structures. They can handle more tasks associated with a job than a decorator can, including the removal of load baring walls and designing structural elements.

Types of Design Degrees

The National Association of Schools of Art and Design is responsible for the accreditation of art and design schools. Those interested in working specifically with kitchen and bath designs might look for a school accredited by the Kitchen & Bath Association. The best degree to become an interior designer is a degree from a program accredited by one of these organizations. Students may major in interior design, structural design, art or general design. Many states offer licenses for designers, but the requirements associated with obtaining a license varies quite a bit. Depending on where you live, if you don’t have a license, the state might prohibit you from designing buildings.

Courses to Take

Design courses are just one type of course that you need to take before working in the design field. Many courses require some familiarity with computers. These courses use AutoCAD and similar programs that let you create three-dimensional representations of your designs, which lets clients see your idea before you begin work. Students also take classes on architecture and furniture design, and they may take courses on decorating as well. While designers do many tasks relating to the structural and engineering design of a property, they can also add decorations and furnishings to complete the look.

Salary and Career Outlook

After deciding on the best degree to become an interior designer, you might want to find out how much professionals working in the field earn. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage of interior designers is $47,6000 a year. The number of people working in the field dropped during the recession. People needed to cut back on luxury items, which included working with designers. The BLS found that the industry rebounded and will see a higher increase in the number of available jobs in the coming years. The number of interior design jobs will increase by 13 percent by 2022.

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Interior designers do more than just decorate spaces. They take care of designing the structural elements needed in the building and provide three-dimensional representations of their work for clients. The best degree to become an interior designer is typically an interior design degree, but you can also work in the field with a degree in another area of design.