What is the Best Degree To Get To Become a Chef?

What is the best degree to get to become a chef? This question often faces those who are just getting started investigating entrance into this great culinary field. We’ll cover this very common question as well as take a look at some stats on this promising career choice.

A Strong Career Choice

First, if you are wanting to work towards becoming a chef, you can be certain that you are making a very strong career choice. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for chefs is at a steady, higher-than-average climb, with a 9% increase in need expected through 2024. In 2015, the median pay for chefs was around $41,500 per year. There are also a broad number of ways to get into this career, although the appropriate college degree provides the best, strongest entrance. With all of this said, becoming a chef is a solid career path for those that love to work with food.

The Best Degree

Of the different ways to gain entrance in this career, there is one that surpasses all others in the weight it holds and the doors it opens in the field. This best path is achieved via degree. Not just any degree though, the best choice for the aspiring chef is undoubtedly the culinary arts degree.

A culinary arts degree prepares the learner with all of the expertise that a chef will need to break onto the scene and make a difference. It is this degree that specifically addresses the kitchen, consumer needs, and all else that goes into leading a food service team. With this degree, one can expect to learn about food style, safety and sanitation, cooking methods, presentation, kitchen timing, and much more. An associate’s degree in culinary arts will open many doors after just two years. However, to gain the most respect and eligibility in the field, a bachelor’s or master’s is unrivaled and is the key that opens doors to the most exclusive venues and clientele.

In achieving such a goal, the natural, first step involves deciding what school to attend. Funding, prices, distance, reviews, and so much more must be considered when choosing the right school. In addition, credibility and respectability of the degree earned and from which school is another formidable, deciding factor.

While your own research on specific schools may guide the minutia of your personal interests best here, we can say that fully accredited and respected universities all over the country offer culinary arts programs. However, the highest echelons of culinary arts schools tend to be those that stand alone as a culinary arts school only. This is because their sole focus and expertise is fully concentrated on the teaching of one art as opposed to many, according to the American Culinary Federation.

Alternate Degree Options

The best degree to get to become a chef is the degree in culinary arts, but if there is some reason that culinary arts is not a possible option, the aspiring chef need not worry. There are several alternate degree choices that can pave the way for a career as a chef. Food service and food service management are great degrees that offer similar, needed knowledge and skillsets. Hospitality degrees also offer similar teachings and can be used to back a very successful career as chef. Food science and nutritional science are as well related studies, capable of opening some great doors in this field and others.

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Working as a chef is statistically and personally a great and rewarding career choice. While there are other, similar degrees well-suited for it, the culinary arts degree is the best for this line of work.