What Is The Best Degree To Get To Become A Movie Director?

Movie DirectorIndividuals who have contemplated the pursuit of a career in the film industry may at some point have wondered what the best degree is to get to become a movie director. Although there is no single degree program that will best prepare you to excel in this professional sector, there are a variety of educational options you can select from in order to make yourself a marketable job candidate. Here are several:


If you’re serious about becoming a movie director, you may want to obtain a film degree. As noted in The Princeton Review, “Nearly all film directors are film school graduates.” As a student in film school, you’ll direct various stage productions, do film lighting designs, and work as an assistant or associate director.


Individuals who have given consideration to becoming movie directors should consider the advantages that could result from attaining an acting (or theatre) degree. These degree programs place primacy upon class work in acting, voice, movement, and other aspects of the craft. Students are typically required to learn and interpret a broad range of scripts. Because acting degrees provide students with a very holistic understanding of how acting works, individuals who want to become movie directors may find this degree uniquely advantageous in that it will help them understand how to interact with and motivate the actors on their sets.


Journalism degrees provide students with the knowledge and instruction necessary to excel within job fields that require proficiency in oral and written communication. During the course of their careers, the journalism major will prepare students to understand the worlds of broadcast journalism, social media, investigative journalism, sports journalism, and photojournalism. Individuals who obtain journalism degrees can work effectively within many different career sectors, including but not limited to advertising, business, public relations, and marketing. The job versatility that one can obtain by earning a degree in journalism may be advantageous for aspiring movie directors who find it initially challenging to break into the film sector.


Students who pursue communications degrees study the complex and often convoluted process of human communication. In many cases, this process of communication is defined in terms of exchanging symbols (written and spoken words, images, etc.) for the purpose of creating meaning. The field of communication covers several different forms of information exchange, including but not limited to that which transpires through various mass media outlets as well as in person (or “face-to-face”) conversations. Additionally, the field of communication examines how various messages are interpreted in light of cultural, semiotic, economic, political, social, and hermeneutic contexts. Because operating as an excellent movie director incorporates reading and understanding scripts as well as communicating effectively with actors, attaining a communication degree can be excellent preparation for a career in this field.

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While there are several unique, distinct career paths that an individual could pursue, deciding to work as a movie director can bring the type of personal fulfillment and professional challenges that make life rich and rewarding. Now that you know which degree is best to become a movie director, you can analyze your own passions and proclivities to determine which educational path would best suit your needs and wants.