What is the Best Degree To Get To Become an Internet Developer?

Internet DeveloperIf you’re interested in Web programming and software design, you may want to know the best degree to become an Internet developer. These programmers build websites, Web apps and mobile software and may have degrees in either Web development or computer science. A Web development degree is usually a two-year associate’s degree that covers basic programming for Web and mobile frameworks as well as the artistic and business sides of working in Web design. Programmers working on more advanced projects usually have computer science degrees, which go into much more depth on algorithm design, computer architecture and software engineering.

Working With Other Programmers

When you work on a large project with other programmers, you need to follow excellent programming practices so that your co-workers can easily read and edit your code and add their work to it. Software design projects typically follow an iterative schedule, which means that a rudimentary version of an application is completed first and then refined in successive iterations until it meets the design goals of the project.

Programmers who work for large corporations designing in-house software or customer-facing programs need to have the professional computer science training that comes from a computer science degree. This rule applies to programmers working for Web and mobile game developers as well because video games are some of the most resource-intensive programs there are. They require math skills in order to prove the time complexity of the algorithms used throughout the game and to avoid choosing the wrong data structures for storing data.

Becoming a Freelance Web Designer

If you don’t want to work on advanced Web and mobile application design, you can simply get a Web development degree and work on websites for clients. These types of jobs typically involve building dynamic, database-driven websites with custom user interfaces. Web designers working in this area need to be experts in UI and user experience (UX) design as well as basic to intermediate Web framework programmers.

The software development involved in basic website building isn’t as complicated as game or application design, and a four-year degree isn’t necessary to become proficient in this area. However, while you’re in school, you should definitely take data structures and algorithms courses to understand the math behind the data storage methods you choose for your programs.

It may not seem like a big deal, but choosing the wrong data structures for a program can result in inefficient software and a less responsive user experience. If your Web pages take a long time to load and your scripts cause users’ browsers to freeze, your clients won’t be likely to give you good recommendations.

Web Developer Job Outlook

This field has some of the best growth prospects in the economy, and Web developers can expect a 20-percent increase in jobs over the next ten years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median annual salary for this occupation was $62,500 in 2012, and this amount takes into account people with two- and four-year degrees. With a four-year computer science degree, you have many more opportunities as well as increased pay.

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There are many different types of jobs in the field of Web design, and building basic websites and applications doesn’t require advanced programming knowledge. If you’re interested in Web and mobile application programming, find out more about the best degree to become an Internet developer.