What Types of Jobs are Available as a Corporate Strategist?

If you have earned your business degree, or are working on one, you might be thinking about a career as a corporate strategist. The profession is easily tailored by the adjunct or concentration classes you add to traditional business curriculum programs. Strategists are found in all types of business and at all levels. So, what are some jobs you can get in corporate strategy?

What is Corporate Strategy?

Simply put, it is the profession of assisting companies set goals and achieve them. According to the Ivey Business Journal, business analysts assert that it is a way of adding value to a company, and others add to the definition that strategists, like doctors try to “do no harm.”

What Goals Do Strategists Help Companies Meet?

Many business experts believe strategists must be specific to one product. That is because strategists define the organization and the product market as a way of knowing what kinds of goals to set. They don’t just look at classes of products, but at specific products and product lines. The products may be physical or they may be financial, but to develop a strategy, you must first narrow your vision. Another qualifier for the goals is that they are competitive. A car manufacturer aspires to produce a safe car, not just as altruistic endeavor, but as a competitive venture. He wants to make his car not only safe, but the safest car on the market. Strategists would study the product, the market for the product, the legalities of producing the product and the most cost-effective manufacturing methods, which includes managing human resources.

What Kind of Degree is Needed?

Like many professions, an entry level job requires only a bachelor’s degree, but if you want a management job, you should aim for a graduate degree. The foundational degree is business, but having a Juris Doctor is an asset as well. Information Technology is another degree that works well for strategists. You can take adjunct courses to give your degree direction. For instance, you might study sports management or get a concentration in finance. All strategists need research skills and an understanding of marketing and market psychology.

What Do These Strategists Earn?

You job location and experience as well as education determine much about your possible salary. The median salary, however, is $80,264 to $200,138. This may include a generous benefits package as well. The average package is $30,000 to $40,000 dollars in profit-sharing, insurance, vacation and wellness benefits.

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The job outlook in this profession depends upon the national and international economy. Still, the projected growth is average -to-good. Global and national economic trends require someone experienced in helping corporations set directions for their finances, manufacturing and marketing programs. If you become a corporate strategist, that someone could be you.