What Types of Jobs are Available With a Degree in Interior Design?

It’s not too uncommon for curiosity to come up as to the type of jobs available with a degree in interior design. Indicative of its name, this degree concentrates on the field of interior design and the application of it in the private and public markets. Students earning such a degree will have developed plenty of skill and expert knowledge in the design of interiors for any client or venue.

Many have heard of this field in general, but what type of jobs are available with a degree in interior design? What types of different industries employ those with this degree? Let’s take a look at five great examples of the interior design degree at work.

Interior Designer

The first, most widely recognized type of jobs available with a degree in interior design are those of interior designers. Interior designers take the core concepts of this degree to every job, designing an interior theme and layout that is conducive to client parameters and style tastes. A day in the life of an interior designer often includes home visits, space analysis, and plenty of client communication. In the end, the complete interior design of countless homes and businesses may be entrusted to this professional’s abilities.

Art Director

The art director plays a crucial role in the use of any art in TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, and other publications. It is their job specifically to oversee art chosen, how it’s used, and layouts in presentation. Although the art major is more directly educated for this role, the graduate with an interior design degree is also a well suited and often chosen candidate.

Industrial Designer

An industrial designer is the individual that is responsible for many of the stylistic choices of a product or service. Boat-building companies need industrial designers to adapt new styles to seating, dashboard consoles, and boat bodies. Cabinetry companies need this designer for coming up with next year’s new series of cabinets. In all of these sorts of applications an industrial designer is typically behind the current style and design renderings.

Landscape Designer

Another great career for those with an interior design degree lies in landscape design. Although the canvas for this art is outdoors as opposed to in, many of the concepts learned in an interior design degree are equally applicable to the design of clients’ exterior properties. As illustrated by the article, Landscape Design: Ten Important Things to Consider, an in-depth design knowledge is needed for the formation of a quality landscaping theme. From walkways and property uses to solid structures and foliage concentrations, the landscape designer is responsible for exterior beauty and function, a suitable job description for those with the interior design degree.

Floral Designer

Our list’s final type of jobs available with a degree in interior design is that of the floral designer. At the root of every floral creation lies a designer. Each individual, floral presentation must be made to certain specs, whether for a holiday, festival, personal occasion, or religious ceremony. Those with a degree in interior design make a great transition, bringing valuable skills to this ever-growing trade of design, style, and beauty.

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In conclusion, the interior design degree offers a high degree of versatility, allowing the holder entrance into a number of great industries. Creative design and space management skills are needed in so many places. These skills also happen to form the epicenter of interior design studies. As a result, the type of jobs available with a degree in interior design is virtually without limits.