What Types of Jobs Available With an Environmental Science Degree?

As the field of environmental science is so wide and diverse, there are subsequently, many types of jobs available with an environmental science degree. Some degrees do not open so many doors and can limit the earner in the working world tremendously. This degree is quite the opposite, opening many doors in a notably vast field.

About This Line of Work

What is environmental science? “Environmental science is the study of the effects of natural and unnatural processes, and of interactions of the physical components of the planet on the environment.” Those working in environmental science can expect a continued, higher than average industry growth rate of around 15% until 2022, according to EnvironmentalScience.org. In addition, those educated and working in this field are the crucial keepers of the planet, performing the critical job of saving our world’s environments a little bit each and every day.

Want to learn more about the different types of jobs available with an environmental science degree? Again, there are many options to choose from in this realm of work. Boiled down to five, great examples, we take a look to some vocations within this exciting field of work.

Five, Valuable Positions Within

General Environmental Scientist

A general environmental scientist is often what people think of when the term “environmental science” comes up in conversation. While this may be true, their value in the field is certainly not lessened. An environmental scientist is one who conducts research in the name of understanding and measuring environmental concepts. Sampling air, water, and soil along with many other interests brings these experts to many of their conclusions.

Environmental Consultant

All businesses, organizations, and even departments of government must comply with the rules and regulations applied to the environment by local, state, and federal oversight. To help these companies stay environmentally friendly and law-abiding, the environmental consultant is often employed to provide guidance. Many companies employ such consultants directly while others hire their services from outside as needed.

Professor of Environmental Science

For those that enjoy teaching and helping others more directly, perhaps an occupation in professing environmental science could be the perfect career path. Having already earned a degree in the science, you are a perfect candidate to get started teaching others about the latest and greatest in the state of the art. If profession at a college level is not viable, there are many classes within the science taught at nearly all grade levels, from elementary through high school, vocational schools, and beyond.

Stormwater Manager

All municipalities in the country must maintain code-worthy and environmentally-compliant storm drains, run-off systems, and ultimately, a minimally-affected environment. This requires a lot of management on the part of the departments overseeing this area of concern. The stormwater manager is typically the head worker or a consultant to the head worker of this department. They are tasked with monitoring all systems and maintaining standards of an entire department.

Environmental Protection Specialist

The environmental protection specialist typically works for a government agency that oversees environmental issues such as the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency. Their job specifically is to provide the initiative in monitoring environmental situations as well as the legal enforcement of those situations as necessary. For those passionate about the environment and stopping those that prefer harm to it over conservation, this job may be just right.

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The professionals working in the field of environmental science serve an excellent cause via their individual and collective works every day. The above occupational options are just a small but somewhat telling representation of the work at hand in this arena. For more examples and resources regarding the types of jobs available with an environmental science degree, the Environmental Science Organization, is a great source of knowledge and current happenings here.