What Types of Jobs Can I Get With a Psychology Degree?

Psychology DegreeAlthough many people envision a student pursuing an education in psychology going on to work directly in a counseling capacity directly with patients, there are a many different types of jobs for psychology degree graduates. With a background in psychology, graduates have options from advertising and marketing to the field of education.

Overview of Career Preparation in a Psychology Degree Program

Psychology students have the opportunity to gain skills that are transferable from school to the workplace and to every type of industry. Skills a students can gain in a psychology degree program include critical and creative thinking, problem solving, interpersonal and other communication skills, research and analysis, and an understanding of individual human and group behaviors, which can be beneficial in many different career positions.

Psychology students complete courses in general education, humanities, and sciences in addition to the major coursework. Some examples of courses that help build transferable skills include social psychology, social science research, data observation and analysis, child development, behavior analysis, and consumer behavior.

Advertising, Marketing, And Sales Positions

Psychology students complete courses that prepare them for many positions in the business industry. One increasingly popular field is the opportunity to work in market research for advertising and marketing firms. From designing and observing studies for determining potential consumer behavior to analyzing the data, a psychology degree can be helpful when attempting to predict what a consumer wants.

For many of the same reasons, a career in sales is well-matched with the psychology degree. An understanding of human behavior can help sales professionals know how to approach a prospective client as well as to determine ways in which to persuade a client or customer to invest in products or services.

Human Resources, Management, and Labor Relations

Many of the skills gained in a psychology program are related to the tasks that business professionals in these areas address each day. Some examples include conflict management, negotiation, and conflict resolution. With courses in human behavior, a psychology graduate can be ready for any potential problem or issue in the workplace.

The advanced interpersonal skills a psychology graduate has accumulated are another benefit in these positions. In each of these positions, a key part of the daily duties requires interaction with employees and clients, report writing, and training.

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Social Work, Counseling, and Education

With the coursework in various aspects of psychology, practical experience in research, and fieldwork experience working with professional counselors, a psychology major also has options for beginning a career in social work and other types of counseling. Many of these options can be found in government agencies or community non-profit groups.

Psychology graduates also have options in the field of education as counselors, postsecondary educators, and group leaders for various programs. Advanced degrees are particularly helpful when pursuing these types of positions. Additional information on possible career opportunities can be found at the American Psychological Association.

Whether looking to begin a career with a government agency, school, marketing firm, or somewhere in between, there is an industry that has positions to fit the skill set and knowledge of a psychology graduate. The flexibility of transferable skills is one of the assets of the degree when considering what types of jobs for a psychology degree are available.