What Types of Jobs Can You Get with a Family and Consumer Science Degree?

Family and Consumer ScienceFar removed from the concept of “Home Ec” education where primarily female students were educated on how to cool, how to shop and the basics of nutrition, today’s Family and Consumer Science Degree offers students of both sexes a foundation in making economical choices, child development, financial planning, nutrition and other skills that can make life easier and more rewarding.

What is Involved in the Discipline?

This is an interdisciplinary area that draws from psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and law, among others. According to the National Council on Family Relations, society can be seen as an environment within which the individual lives, functioning within several “families.” Understanding how healthy families function can help identify at-risk groups and address needs such as adequate nutrition and consumer education. This study covers everything from nutrition and shopping to child development and the effects of drug abuse on children and families. It involves courses in subjects involving clothing and marketing. According to Learn.org, science is about “helping people learn practical life skills to improve the quality of their family life.”

What Careers are Available?

Of course, you can always teach the science itself. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a vocational teacher in this area of study is $54,290. Other careers with the degree are:

Caseworker – The National Council on Family Relations believes most societal issues can be addressed from the perspective of how an individual functions in a family or how the family functions in society. It looks at social work in a holistic manner. Median pay is $44,200.

Home Economist – These people work in communities to educate people about nutrition needs and teach them how to prepare healthy foods. They also teach independent living skills to individuals who are delayed, and may even work in the food industry developing new recipes and promoting products.

Food Editor – Combining the degree with writing courses and other classes germane to publishing, you could write a blog or column on food and restaurants or even publish a cookbook. The BLS says the median salary for this career is $53,880.

Clothing Designer – Adding marketing and art classes to the degree could enable you to design fashions independently or for a corporation. The median salary is $62,860.

Child Care Director –  The degree contains courses on child development. Added business classes or education minors could enable you to open a child care center or manage a child care facility. The mean salary is $43,950.

Dietitian –  Hospitals and other care facilities need registered dieticians to develop menus that meet the needs of restricted-diet patients as well as the general population. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says these professionals earn a mean salary of $57,440.

What Education is Required

Most colleges and universities offer degrees in this discipline. To customize your degree to one of the many and diverse careers available, you should select an emphasis that will meet the requisites for a position in that career. You might even consider a dual major, because the areas encompassed by this degree are so diverse and can lead to so many different professions, from apparel designer and merchandiser to teacher.

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The life skills this discipline teaches will help you in all professions. There are so many different types of jobs you can get with a Family and Consumer Science Degree that it can take you in almost any career direction you want to follow.