Which Undergraduate Degrees Best Prepare Students for Law School?

Undergraduate Degrees That Prepare for Law SchoolThe great thing about pursuing a career in law is that there’s no single program considered among the best undergraduate degrees for law school. Instead, today’s aspiring attorneys can major in all kinds of fields at the undergraduate level and still manage to gain acceptance to some of the top law schools in the United States. That’s largely because law school itself is entirely “self-contained,” with all of the coursework students need to succeed in the legal world contained within the three-year program that leads to a juris doctorate degree. Undergraduate coursework should simply prepare students to think critically, argue soundly, and bring an area of unique specialization to their eventual career in the law. Some of the best suggestions for future law applicants are listed below.

A Wide Array of Options in the Liberal Arts

By its nature, the study and practice of law should be considered a liberal art all on its own. Those who are most successful at the practice of law are generally those with good written and verbal communications skills, a thorough understanding of critical thinking and philosophy, and an understanding of logic. Modern legal fields pertaining to technology, science, and intellectual property also appeal to lawyers who have a diverse, liberal education in a variety of disciplines. According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, some of the best liberal arts degrees for aspiring attorneys include:

– Philosophy
– English
– Political Science
– History

Each of these degrees gives students a thorough understanding of argument, logic, and philosophy, and sharpens their ability to communicate with their peers. They provide perhaps the best academic foundation for succeeding in law school. For career-centered concentrations, however, a science-related field or one devoted to technology might be an even better choice.

The STEM Majors: A Solid Choice for Aspiring Legal Professionals

Today’s lawyers are more likely to work in fields relating to pharmaceuticals, scientific development, patent litigation, intellectual property protection, and other fields related to a fast-growing tech sector around the world. Though it’s not required to have a technology or science background in order to defend represent in this area, it’s certainly helpful to have an understanding of how these industries work, what the common terminology is, and how these clients can best be served by today’s attorneys. That means many law schools enthusiastically accept applicants from the following popular majors:

– Biology
– Biochemistry
– Engineering fields
– Mathematics
– Information Systems
– Computer Science

Each of these degrees informs the future attorney with a unique viewpoint. They may prove an asset as graduates from law school seek jobs in areas like environmental law or corporate defense. Furthermore, the combination of these two degrees ensures that law school graduates will be equipped to handle changes in the workplace, the information economy, and how legal work is performed in a more automated, computerized environment.

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Major in Something Practical, Interesting, or Enjoyable

Because there are absolutely no set requirements about what students should or should not major in prior to law school, today’s undergraduates should seek simply to pursue a course of study that they find interesting, enjoyable, and practical in the “real world.” This not only makes school easier, but also helps students stay focused and earn the good grades needed to gain admission to today’s top law school. In this way, virtually any major could be considered one of the best undergraduate degrees for law school acceptance.