5 Great Career Choices For INTJ Personality Types

INTJDo you have an INTJ personality? According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, people with this kind of personality are introverted and intuitive. They are thinkers, and they prefer to judge rather than perceive. If you are looking for a career that complements your strengths, here are five professions that are ideal for people who enjoy analytical tasks, critical thinking, organization and logic.

1. Financial Analysts and Advisers

Personal financial management is predicted to be one of the fastest growing jobs over the next 10 years. Financial advisers meet with individual clients, gather information and recommend investment options based on their assessment. Careers in the business and financial sector engage multiple strengths of the INTJ personality. Responsibility and decision-making privileges combine thinking, judging and intuition to process data and form accurate opinions. Financial advisers work for private clients, and financial analysts perform similar functions for businesses. Analysts work independently and with business leaders to compile information, generate reports and explain complex data that guides business decisions.

2. Law and Legal Education

More than 44,000 students receive law degrees each year. However, students with INTJ personalities have a unique advantage in this competitive field. They respect the system and work hard, which is a great asset during their seven years of college. Another appealing thing about the legal field is that students are free to choose a specialty that goes well with their interests. Lawyers can work for businesses, individuals or government groups. They can also teach at the college level. Demand for law professors is expected to increase by more than 20 percent, so now is a great time to consider a career that combines law and education.

3. Librarians

A master’s degree in library science can open the door to a great career. INTJs love detailed organization and enjoy using specialized systems. Librarians have the unique ability to help people while conducting research and maintaining order. Most librarians work in local schools and county libraries. There are opportunities to pursue specialized careers in an archive, medical library or corporate office. Teaching certificates and degrees in related fields can be an advantage or a requirement for some positions. Librarians usually work in an office environment with regular business hours. Positions in the school system come with time off in the summer.

4. Engineering Professors

INTJ students who enjoy math, science and education are well-suited for a career in engineering or post-secondary engineering education. Positions for engineering professors are expected to grow faster than average in the coming decade. Careers in higher education allow INTJs to present new ideas, perform research, improve their skills and the skills of their students and use critical thinking to communicate and interpret complex concepts. Professors have the opportunity to pursue diverse specialties, such as petroleum exploration, biomedical engineering and electronics.

5. Statisticians

If you excel in math and critical thinking, a career in statistics will allow you to use all of your strengths. Openings are predicted to increase by more than 30 percent, which is great news for students who are studying math, economics or quantitative finance. Researchers and computer systems generate data every second, and statisticians are required to manage and analyze this information. Statisticians work primarily in government and research. There are opportunities to work in genetics, healthcare, insurance and marketing. Statisticians are also needed to design and manage surveys and studies.

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Individuals who conform to INTJ traits are predisposed to professions that require perfection, attention to detail, organization and critical thinking. About two percent of the population identifies with this category that is shared by a number of famous authors, philosophers, leaders and geniuses.