5 Great Careers for INFP Personalities

The best careers for INFP personalities are the ones that allow INFP characteristics to shine. INFP personalities are quiet, strategic, future-oriented, curious, and reflective. INFP personalities are well suited for a variety of careers, but truly thrive in certain areas. This list represents just a few of the unlimited options available for the flexible INFP personality.

1. Editor

As an editor, INFP personalities can flex their planning and revision skills as they edit content for publication. While most editors work in offices, some are able to work remotely and with little supervision. To obtain this type of position, a bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, or communications is typically needed. This can be a high stress position due to tight deadlines, but is a solid career choice for people with INFP characteristics.

2. Journalist

Journalism is an exciting career and can play on the curious, strategic and empathetic characteristics of the INFP personality. The responsibility of a journalist is to report the news for magazines, television, newspapers and radio. Commenting on everything from local news to international events, journalists need a bachelor’s degree in journalism or communication as well as experience properly interpreting and landing big stories.

3. Librarian

A career as librarian appeals to the INFP’s characteristic need for quiet, and their desire to help others. Librarians generally assist others in finding information, and conducting research, although the job responsibilities can vary depending upon the type of library. To become a librarian, the education requirements are steep and a master’s degree in library science is required. Occasionally, additional requirements are needed such as a teaching certificate, or other certifications.

4. Human Resources Specialist

Human resource specialists are in demand in today’s job market as they are essential at most companies and this position appeals to the future-oriented nature of INFP’s. Human Resources Specialists recruit job applicants, screen, interview and place workers. Furthermore, they handle matters related to benefits and compensation, employee relations, and job training. Becoming a human resources specialist requires a bachelor’s degree – typically in business, human resources, or a related field.

5. Social Worker

Social work is another career that is ideal for the INFP personality. A social worker assists others in coping with everyday problems, and is a part of the solution. Some social workers can diagnose and treat behavioral, mental, and emotional issues (clinical social workers). Social workers are employed in a variety of places that include but are not limited to: schools, child welfare and human service agencies, hospitals, and mental health clinics. To obtain a career in social work, a bachelor’s degree in social work is needed and many times additional schooling. This career is great for INFP personalities because they are typically empathetic, and reflective which creates the perfect personality for helping others to solve important issues.

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The best career for INFP personalities is the career of their choosing, since their characteristics make them well suited for a variety of professions. In fact, there are a plethora of options available not listed here, which can be found on the website of Ball State University. Out of the 5 best Careers for INFP personalities, each are equally intriguing and selecting one of them simply comes down to preference.