5 Great Careers for INTP Personality Types

An INTP personality is often motivated by solving complex problems and analyzing systems. Due to their focus on ideas, INTP individuals are often talented at understanding concepts and applying them to the real world, according to Counseling Resource. When it comes to career choices, an INTP is not inclined toward organizations defined by rules and bureaucracy. They want to test out their ideas and leave the more tedious details to other people. Due to this, an INTP person will often perform well in the following career paths.

1. Scientist

INTP people often do well in scientific careers. The ability to test out ideas, develop complex clinical trials and build on abstract concepts is extremely appealing to an INTP individual. Other than working as a researcher, an INTP may want to work as a physicist, chemist, astronomer, biochemist or archaeologist. INTPs are naturally talented at science and research, so any career that uses these attributes will be a good one for an INTP.

2. Writers

With their creative instincts, an INTP is drawn to artistic fields. Since an INTP is naturally more analytical, they often get involved in the more technical aspects of the art world. Due to this, writing is a natural choice for an INTP. With writing, they get to analyze a text, construct a plot and create a world that runs by their own world. Other artistic fields that INTPs excel at include photography, graphic design and editing.

3. Software Developer

To use a combination of analytical and artistic skills, software development is an ideal career choice. Working as a Web developer, computer scientist or software developer, an INTP can exercise their desire to experiment. An INTP’s tendency towards fixing and analyzing problems could make them an excellent database administrator, computer programmer or network administrator. As a software developer, an INTP gets to exercise their creativity while innovating new programs.

4. Financial Analyst

With their skill at understanding complex theories, mathematics and finance are natural fields for an INTP. As a financial analyst, an INTP gets to spend their day working with numbers. They analyze complex ideas, market changes and stock movements to advise clients or their employer about the next move. Alternative careers in business such as working as a market research analyst, accountant or consultant may also appeal to an INTP.

5. Engineering

An engineer must have a logical thinking style and a strong command of mathematics. Due to this, an INTP can easily start a career in engineering. Depending on the type of engineering work, the INTP may be able to exercise their creativity as they build a bridge, design electrical set-ups or create a new product. In the field of engineering, an INTP may be employed as a nuclear engineer, an aerospace engineer, a civil engineer or a similar type of engineer.

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By finding the right career field, an INTP individual can make sure that they are constantly engaged and fulfilled by their work. In general, an INTP will want to have a career that includes analysis, creativity and logic. Once the INTP has selected their ideal career path, they merely have to receive a degree or gain the experience necessary to get hired.