5 Great Careers for ISTP Personality Types

What are the five best careers for ISTP personalities? Among the Myers-Briggs types, the ISTP stands out for their intelligence and their independent nature. That’s one reason why many skilled trades are packed to the gills with ISTPs. They love achieving technical mastery–they know all of their trade’s tools inside and out (whether literal tools like hammers and saws, or the tools of business and technology). Here are five careers that make a great fit for ISTPs.

1. Carpenter

The satisfaction of working with ones hands draws countless ISTPs toward careers in carpentry. ISTPs want to see results–abstract job titles seem silly to them. Their self-motivated nature makes them great independent workers. There are also many specializations within the carpentry world: refurbishing classic and antique furniture, luthiery (building musical instruments), and dozens more. Another benefit that makes carpentry one of the best career choice for ISTPs is that it’s flexible; woodworking is usually a job that works around their schedule, not the other way around.

2. Architect

Few jobs in the world are as results-driven as architecture–after all, it involves the creation of an entire building or structure from a set of drawings and designs. If you’re looking for the best job for ISTPs, look no further: architecture presents many of the same benefits of carpentry and woodworking, but on a much larger scale. Architecture also presents a lot of practical problems–by nature, the ISTP is a troubleshooter and a problem-solver.

3. Mechanic

Many ISTPs have an insatiable curiosity about how things work; not a vague curiosity, but an intricate understanding of machines. This eye for detail makes ISTPs great candidates for mechanics. Again, we see an ISTP career that lends itself to specialization: one could choose to be a pretty standard auto mechanic, or spend years learning how to fix airplanes, tanks, or just about any machine you can imagine. Mechanic is a great career for ISTP personalities. Clearly the Economic Times agrees, as they included it as a recommendation in their list of ISTP-friendly careers.

4. Law Enforcement

Not all ISTPs can work within a bureaucracy, but those who can may find the investigative side of law enforcement intriguing and rewarding. While many introverts would balk at the idea of going out on active duty, there are many other areas of law enforcement that involve research, data collection, and the analytical mindset that characterizes so many ISTPs.

5. Financial Planning

For ISTP personalities who love mathematics, financial planning is a good option. Financial planning utilizes their keen observational eye. Keep in mind, however, that many ISTPs who choose a career in finance choose to do so on a freelance basis. Corporate environments are often too stifling for ISTPs–as a rule, this personality type is a little too strong-headed to endure a bureaucracy. Sometimes ISTPs are criticized for being stubborn and logical, but in the financial sector, this means they’re willing to make smart, tough decisions.

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Career-Planning for ISTPs

By no means are these the only careers in which ISTPs can succeed–they’re among the most driven personality types, and can accomplish great things in countless industries. However, we feel like these five ISTP careers really allow their unique skills to shine. Let us know what you think by commenting or reaching out to us. Thanks for checking out our top five careers for ISTP personality types.