5 Great Character Traits of INFPs

Are you lucky enough to know an INFP? One of the 16 personality types designated by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, an assessment that identifies an individual’s preference in four dichotomies described in the theories of Carl Jung, INFP signifies a person who naturally favors introversion, intuition, feeling and perceiving. Caring and committed, INFPs make fabulous friends and have several great character traits.

1. Optimism
INFPs are the world’s dreamers and idealists. Not known for practicality, their heads are often in the clouds, but they find lots of silver linings there. They generally see something positive in almost everything, and they value the individual, the quirky and the unique. People designated as INFPs appreciate harmony and can be skilled mediators when faced with a conflict because they generally want everyone to coexist peacefully. Democratic in nature, they are open-minded and believe in equality for all. In fact, they have a decided tendency to root for the underdog.

2. Altruism
People who test as INFPs are often the first to offer a helping hand, cheerfully giving to the causes they support without counting the cost to themselves. Despite the fact that they find the persistent injustices of the world frustrating and disappointing, they are quick to offer support and assistance to people who they believe need it and often work to aid those they perceive as less fortunate. INFPs have a deep-seated desire to be a part of making the world a better place. It’s not uncommon for this yearning to lead them into careers that help others, and many INFPs find work as teachers, social workers, environmental scientists, psychologists, religious leaders and caregivers.

3. Curiosity
INFPs love to learn. They dive in headfirst when a topic catches their interest, working hard to master the material that they find fascinating. Curious about the world and their place in it, they are generally very interested in discovering their role in the grand scheme of things, and each new bit of knowledge is an opportunity to find another piece of their life’s puzzle. They delight in soaking up information and enjoy reframing what they’ve learned in new ways, which makes them very inventive. INFPs are passionate about investigating ideas. Sometimes, they get so caught up in their explorations that they forget basic practicalities and need a nudge to remind them to eat, sleep or deal with the details of daily life.

4. Creativity
Dreamers who filter the knowledge they accumulate through their emotional reaction to it, people who are INFPs have a unique perspective, and they often choose to use a creative outlet to share that viewpoint with the world. INFPs are great communicators who paint with words, using metaphors and stories to convey their thoughts and feelings in colorful ways. They welcome things that are different and find thinking outside the box natural, so they often come up with imaginative solutions to life’s challenges.

5. Empathy
While INFPs may need solitude to recharge, they aren’t unsociable. Sincere and genuinely interested in understanding what makes other people tick, they are guided by a keen intuition that gives them a surprising amount of insight into other people. Although they may be a little shy at first, they’re good-natured, friendly and sensitive to the needs of others. INFPs value diversity and welcome the opportunity to explore new opinions and ideas, so it’s no surprise that they are good listeners. They’re also loyal and supportive, which makes them good friends.

As idealists, Myers-Briggs personality type INFPs tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses, and their need to understand their place in it feeds their imaginations and leads them to offer help freely to anyone who might need it. With so many positive character traits, INFPs have a lot to offer their friends, family and community.