5 Great Hobbies for ENFP Personality Types

The ENFP personality type is one of 16 personalities outlined in the famous Myers Briggs Personality Assessment. This particular combo is fairly common and comprises about 11% of the general population. Members of this personality group tend to be extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving and are known for a contagious enthusiasm and never-ending amounts of energy. This type is also highly creative and sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

These qualities lead the ENFP personality type to seek inspiration in various creative endeavors. While many ENFPs seek to find this peace in their careers, others find satisfaction in finding a creative hobby. Here are a few popular pastimes for the ENFP personality.

1. Painting

ENFP personality types are very imaginative and original and tend to be drawn to various forms of art. Painting is an artistic outlet that is widely sought by members of this group. There are many different types of painting(water color, pastels, and oil-based paint) so the variety keeps the spastic ENFP from getting too bored. It also provides an opportunity to be expressive which is extremely important to this Myers Briggs type.

2. Freelance Writing

ENFPs are very expressive communicators and can easily mix their sense of humor with their mastery of words to create very engaging and compelling stories. These qualities give the ENFP type a knack for writing and many of them seek writing as a form of expression. Writing suits their “feeling” side and gives them the opportunity to share their creativity with the world.

3. Big Brothers Big Sisters

The ENFP types are dreamers and love to talk about their own dreams and aspirations, however they also enjoy learning about others. Getting involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters is a great way for ENFPs to get to know and influence a younger person who might be facing challenges with their own dreams. There are some boundaries with this type of work, but volunteering allows the ENFP to establish an emotional connection with someone and is a great hobby option.

4. Acting and Theater

Many famous ENFP types are actors and actresses as theater and drama are definitely a great pastime for this group. Many ENFP types are lucky enough to turn this hobby into a professional career, but others find just as much joy in volunteering at the theater or starring in a local play. Involvement in theater can include anything from set design, production, or simply taking an acting class or two. Regardless, the theater is a great way unleash the ENFP passion.

5. Learning a New Instrument

Music is another very expressive art form that jives well with the ENFP personality type. Due to their natural temperament and inclinations, many ENFP types learn an instrument at an early age. Whether musical instruments are a familiarity or not, taking lessons with something new is a great hobby for this creative group. The one-on-one time with an instructor is a great way to connect and share emotions and many ENFPs find music a therapeutic way to unwind after a long day.

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These are just a few of the many hobbies that fit well with the ENFP personality. All of these hobbies blend nicely with the intuitive and self-expressive nature of the ENFP. These hobby ideas also provide enough versatility for the energetic side while still catering to the emotional and creative part of this Myers Briggs type. If you identify with the ENFP type, consider one of these hobbies today!