5 Great Hobbies for ENTP Personality Types

If you identify most as an ENTP personality on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, chances are that your wandering mind makes it tough to find an engaging hobby that sticks. Bright, easily bored and endlessly curious, ENTPs crave activities that are equally challenging and satisfying. Whether you lean toward the creative or the logical side of the spectrum, the five ideas below can help you discover new ways to enjoy your downtime.

1. Join a Debate Team

Always looking deep beneath the surface, ENTPs much prefer meaningful conversations to small talk. While they’re eager to hear new points of view, they aren’t so quick to accept them without a long period of reflection. This unique combination of skepticism, openness, curiosity and ability to see other perspectives is what makes you a great conversationalist in any audience. If you really enjoy the mental exercise of analyzing and reworking arguments, joining a debate team at your school, workplace or on the web might be just what you need to infuse your daily routine with a bit more excitement.

2. Try Your Hand at Writing

Debating out in the open arena isn’t your only option for discussing familiar subjects in fun new ways. If you aren’t big on public speaking, writing can be the perfect creative outlet for your never-ending stream of interesting thoughts and ideas. Remember that you don’t have to get published to get the most out of writing. The goal is to find a hobby that you can be passionate about. Because ENTPs hate being tied down to repetitive tasks, informal platforms like blogging or journaling generally suit them better than structured long-form writing.

3. Become an Inventor

Able to find unusual solutions to complex problems at lightning-fast speeds, ENTPs are nature’s ultimate problem solvers. When your professional or student schedule doesn’t leave much room for independent thinking, keep your mind happy and healthy by giving your out-of-the-box ideas free rein at home. If you have some technical know-how, learn how to build an app or design a website. If you like working with your hands, take up woodworking or jewelry making. Your true entrepreneurial spirit makes it easy to pick up any project from scratch with very little stress or preparation.

4. Take to the Stage

Even if the theater has never been your professional calling, you might be surprised to learn how much acting as a hobby suits your energetic, friendly and open-minded ENTP personality. Your innate ability to seamlessly step into someone else’s shoes with no preconceptions or judgments means that you have a natural talent for acting and can choose from a variety of roles. Plus, it helps that with beginner-friendly choices ranging from amateur plays at community theaters to laid-back comedy improvisation groups, taking acting classes before you start is totally optional.

5. Learn to Travel Without Crossing State Lines

Keeping your ENTP personality emotionally and physically fulfilled isn’t just about pushing yourself creatively outside of school and work. It’s also about satisfying your curiosity for how the world works by discovering more of it whenever you can. With their inquisitive minds, ENTPs are natural-born explorers who thrive on new experiences, and you don’t have to go far to find them. Whether it’s visiting an international flea market, trying an unfamiliar cuisine or emerging yourself in a different culture through dance classes, exploring everything your own neighborhood has to offer can be as exciting as taking a trip abroad.

Whichever hobby you try next, remember to take it one step at a time. When starting any new activity, ENTPs have a natural tendency to jump in with both feet, but that can backfire by leading to burnout. Dedicating a couple of hours a week to each new venture is enough to keep you on your toes while still leaving you plenty of breathing room to unwind.

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