5 Great Hobbies for ESFP Personality Types

Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perception (ESFP) personality types are classified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as one of the most socially-charged personality types, according to 16 Personalities. The hobbies that this personality type is suited to are diverse, but they all generally have to do with drawing energy from the group and giving back even more in return.

1. Team Sports

The camaraderie and high level of communication in team sports are perfectly suited for the personality of an ESFP. Organizational sports demand the ability to interact with many different personality types in a high-energy environment, and for people who thrive as central generators of social energy, this will be a perfect scenario.

ESFP personality types will be perfectly energized by the demands of coordinating place and posting them around of their teammates. Leaders in athletic competitions will need to be able to handle the stress of the game while remaining effective communicators, and no personality type will be more capable of this than the ESFP.

2. Cooking

The ESFP personality type will be well-geared for the role of a dinner host. Extroverted personality types find it very fulfilling to please with cooking that they’re proud of, and they’ll also be very enthusiastic about sharing the process for preparing their meals. The ESFP personality type will enjoy working with others to create impressive meal arrangements for holidays and special events.

In addition to enjoying the opportunity to create food for personal gatherings, the ESFP personality type will also be highly skilled at managing the pressures of working with a professional team in a restaurant kitchen; the rest of the staff will benefit from their ability to boost everyone’s morale, much like a team sport dynamic.

3. Home improvement

Home improvement oftentimes requires cooperation with many different creative minds throughout the process, and this will be a perfect arrangement for the ESFP personality type. The ESFP personality type will enjoy the opportunity to work with many others for the realization of a goal that many different people can enjoy, and they’ll be willing to go back and forth over ideas with enthusiasm. Much like the extroverted cook will enjoy explaining their process to those who enjoy their meals, the ESFP personality type who endeavors to improve a home will enjoy sharing their vision with groups of people.

4. Party Planning

The ESFP personality type will love nothing more than being able to bring people together, and so party planning is right up their alley. The kinds of events that an ESFP personality type will enjoy planning for include everything from weddings to themed parties. No matter what the event is, they will be more than willing to cooperate with others in order to make it a reality. The ESFP personality type will enjoy everything from the planning process to greeting those who come out to the event.

5. Musical Performing

The ESFP personality type is a natural performer, and the energy that they draw from being the center of attention will drive them to perform with great enthusiasm. They will be happy to practice and improve their musical skills for nothing more than the sake of being able to bring those who listen to them more enjoyment, along with being pleased to cooperate with other musicians in jam sessions. The extroverted musician is great at keeping up the morale of a band and getting the crowd into the spirit of the event.

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According to Truity, 10% of women and 7% of men are classified as ESFP. The ESFP personality type will always be well-suited for a role that places them in the center of the action. Their enthusiasm and high energy will help set the tone for any gathering, competition, or event. The more cooperative the activity, the more the ESFP personality type will thrive.