5 Hobbies for ESFJ Personality Types

There are 16 different personality types in all when it comes to MBTI publications, but no two of these personality types are exactly the same. Finding the right hobby can be difficult for most people, but can be especially difficult for ESFJ personalities. Below are five great hobbies for the ESFJ personality type.

1. Gardening

Gardening is great for these people-lovers, provided they’re doing most of it in the front yard. A clear view of the street they live on will give them plenty of room to people-watch. This hobby will allow them to quickly make friends with everyone in their neighborhood, and they might even start a gardening club!

2. Cooking

Because this particular MBTI personality cares about people, cooking is a great way for them to show how much they care. Not only can they learn to make the favorite meals of those people they care about, but they can also enjoy interacting with other people during cooking classes or while holding bake sales. These personality types are probably one of the first to volunteer holding a bake sale that support a cause or helps a family raise funds for something. ESFJ personality types aren’t just people persons. They genuinely care about other people too.

3. Dancing

Not only is dance good for the body, but it can be great for ESFJ personality types to find others like them. They’ll get to hang out and enjoy something together. As a people-person, an ESFJ will want to always know where the latest party is to join in on the fun, and they’ll probably host some pretty amazing dance parties of their own! Music tastes may vary with each ESFJ person, but they can still bond through their love of music.

4. Shopping

Shopping isn’t just something ESFJ’s need to do to get the things they want or need. Instead, it’s become a way for them to interact with their fellow people. If you’re ever standing in line behind someone who’s having a very elaborate conversation with the cashier, they may very well be a ESFJ. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and the care ESFJ’s show in their conversations can definitely make the cashier’s day.

5. Hobbies Involving Isolation

Although most might not like a hobby that involves frequent periods of isolation, some may find that they truly love art or knitting or something else that leaves them with a lot of time on their own. However, it’s easy for these personality types to still get their interaction with people while enjoying these hobbies that include isolation if they join a club. Knitting circles are very popular, and they would be great for ESFJ personality types that enjoy knitting, but don’t want to spend too much time knitting alone.

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No matter what the hobby may be, the key to an ESFJ personality type getting the most enjoyment out of it is interacting with people while enjoying it. These hobbies are suggestions to help you get started, but if you already have a hobby you enjoy that isn’t listed here, it doesn’t mean that you have to give that hobby up. Just as no two personalities of the MBTI are the same, neither are any two ESFJ personality types.