5 Interviewing Tips for Individuals with INTJ Personality Type

If you’re classified as an INTJ by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the idea of sitting for an interview probably fills you with dread. While INTJs are among the best employees, interviewing doesn’t tend to come naturally to them. All too often, they come across as being too aloof, too impersonal or too eccentric, causing employers to pass them over for other candidates. Increase the odds of acing your interview by keeping these tips in mind.

1. Be Personable

Because INTJs are so decisive, they often come across as arrogant. In social settings, they often struggle to connect with others on a personal level. While connecting in this way isn’t hugely important during an interview, it’s a great way to ensure interviewers remember you later. It may not come naturally to you, but strive to connect personally during your interviews. Remember that it’s just a short period of time, and you can decompress from the stress of it when you’re done.

2. Practice Small Talk

The typical INTJ has no understanding or patience for small talk. They are all about big, important ideas, so exchanging meaningless niceties seems pretty pointless to them. While most of the interview will revolve around answering specific questions, they’re typically a lead-up period where small talk comes into play. Practice your small talk skills with a friend. Select a few topics that you can safely chat about without too much thought. You’re there to get a job, not to make friends, but small talk just isn’t something you can avoid.

3. Be Open

INTJs are usually very private people. This tendency sometimes causes others to misread or misunderstand them. In social settings, this can make it difficult to make friends. In an interview, it can be downright disastrous. When going in to the interview, remind yourself that no one will ask deeply personal questions. There is no need to be guarded about yourself. Resist the temptation to think long and hard before answering questions. A brief pause is fine and actually advisable, but contemplating questions for too long can make it look like you have something to hide.

4. Be Engaged

As an INTJ, you probably find yourself drifting off into your own world when your interest isn’t being held. For this personality type, there’s usually no middle ground–they are either intensely focused during social interactions or completely uninterested. You’re sure to be asked at least a few questions that you consider boring or uninspired, but you must try to respond as if they are compelling and interesting. If you come across as being bored with the interview, you’re unlikely to be called back for round two or to be hired at all.

5. Don’t Be Too Eccentric

INTJs often have offbeat personalities. It’s often said they march to the beat of their own drummers, and this serves them well in many areas in life. However, it is really easy to take things too far during an interview. You certainly want to be interesting and to stand out, but you shouldn’t do so in a way that others may perceive as weird. Companies usually look for team players, so you must be willing to show that you have enough in common with others to work well with and for them.

A crucial part of nailing any interview is knowing yourself. As an INTJ, there are certain personality traits that will serve you well during interviews and others that may hold you back. By understanding these things about yourself, you will have a much easier time hitting one out of the park the next time you’re interviewed.