5 Relationship Tips for INTJ Personality Types

According to the Myers-Briggs personality profile, a person with INTJ personality type is introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. These traits combine to form an individual who is both quiet and confident. You’re most likely a big thinker, meaning that you prefer to plan your relationships carefully versus throwing yourself into love. Here are five important dating tips to remember.

1. Don’t Idealize Your Partner

The INTJ tends to have a great imagination. When you combine that with the tendency to plan relationships, there is the potential to idealize your partner before truly getting to know him or her. Unless you want to get hit with a major letdown, this should be avoided. Your partner has many wonderful qualities, but no one is ever going to be perfect. Instead of letting the way you perceive an ideal partner get in the way, try letting go and simply getting to know people. You might be surprised to find positive qualities that you didn’t even know you were seeking.

2. Be Open to Romance

As an INTJ, you’re a bit of a scientist. You’re also somewhat of a rebel. Old-fashioned social standards, such as chivalry and romance, tend to come off as pointless to you. However, these things exist for a reason. Romance is important for couples. It allows you to create beautiful memories with your partner and enjoy learning things about him or her. If your partner wants to be romantic with you, don’t fight it. You just might enjoy yourself.

3. Get Comfortable with Feelings

As an INTJ, your focus is on action. When something is wrong, you want to act to make it better. Therefore, you tend to get agitated when a romantic companion spends too much time talking about his or her feelings without indicating a clear problem that needs fixing. If you find yourself getting stressed out during long, emotional talks, keep in mind that your partner is expressing something that needs to be heard. If you aren’t comfortable getting emotional, you don’t have to. You do, however, need to be there for your partner and support him or her throughout challenging emotional moments. Try to avoid shutting down, avoiding or getting cold when something makes you uncomfortable.

4. Be Willing to Listen

While your self-confidence can be incredibly attractive to potential partners, you can also come across as condescending at times. It’s important to remain humble and remember that you’re not always right. You selected your partner because you respect and admire him or her, which means that it’s okay to lose an argument once in a while. Always remind yourself to listen and consider the things your partner has to say with an open mind. He or she could be offering a perspective you have never thought about before.

5. Choose the Right Person

This one is obviously a challenge, but it doesn’t make it any less important. As an INTJ, you need a partner who appreciates your efficient and organized ways. It’s also a good idea to choose someone who isn’t too clingy, as you need a certain amount of freedom and independence to work on your goals. ESFP and ISFP are both good matches for INTJ.

A an INTJ person, your relationship may start out very slow, but once commitment is in place, you will take it very seriously and do everything in your power to ensure the relationship goes well. As long as you choose your partner carefully, which you will, you have a very good chance of ending up happy in the long run.