Top 5 Careers for ENFJ Personalities

Finding a career for ENFJ personality types should be easy, because they are such warm, likeable people. ENFJ’s are Emotional, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging, which means they are social, loyal, and in-tune with the emotions of everyone around them, according to The Atlantic. Check out the list below for job ideas you are sure to love if you are ENFJ.

1. Human Resources Professional

Working in HR is the perfect career path for ENFJ personality types because they are naturally concerned for the happiness and well-being of others, according to Business Insider. They would be able to read people’s personalities to see if they are a good fit for a job and for that workplace. They would also be compassionate when employees came to them with concerns. ENFJ’s genuinely love people, so a job where they interact with others all day is ideal. Since they get satisfaction from helping others, working in HR where they can address employee problems or grant someone a new job would make ENFJ’s happy.

2. Sales Representative

ENFJ’s thrive on receiving feedback on their work, so working in sales is a great career for these personality types. They will see immediate results of their work in their sales numbers, so they get the instant approval they require. ENFJ’s are also naturally social, so getting paid to chat with customers is their dream. This personality type loves a challenge, so having a sales quota to meet would keep them happy and engaged at work. ENFJ’s are known for being honest and loyal, so while they may not always make the biggest sales, they will form personal relationships with customers, which will lead to repeat business.

3. Event Planner

Another great career for ENFJ personality types is an event or wedding planner. ENFJ’s are naturally organized and love structure, so they will blossom in a job where they can coordinate things. Their social nature is also ideal for this job because they have to be in constant contact with vendors and clients. ENFJ’s would be happy as event planners because they can see tangible evidence of the success of their work (the event itself) and get immediate feedback (happy guests and clients). Making people smile is rewarding to ENFJ’s, so giving people their dream events would be satisfying work for them.

4. Advertising Executive

Working in advertising would also be a rewarding career for ENFJ personality types. They are creative and love to feel challenged, so coming up with new ad ideas would be fun for them. They are also in tune with their own and other people’s emotions, so they understand what people like and what they want to see from a company. Seeing their ad’s effectiveness would give them the approval they seek. ENFJ’s intuitive and social natures makes them ideal for working with clients and focus groups.

5. Counselor

ENFJ’s make amazing therapists and counselors. They are full of compassion for others and can really understand emotions, so clients would feel comfortable opening up to them. ENFJ’s dislike using cold, impersonal logic to solve problems, so they would tap into their own feelings, rather than textbooks, to figure out how to help their clients. They would also feel rewarded by seeing the progress of their clients before their eyes. Becoming a counselor would allow an ENFJ to feel challenged at work and help other people, two things this personality type thrives on.

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ENFJ’s are respectful, diplomatic, and feel satisfaction from helping others. Any job where they can interact with people and be a leader would be a great career for ENFJ personality types.