What Degrees are Best for ENFJ Personality Types?

ENFJIf you’re familiar with your personality type based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, you may wonder about the kinds of degrees that are best for ENFJ personality types. After all, the MBTI is utilized extensively in the field of career development to help people match their preferred ways of obtaining information with careers that best meet those preferences. Researchers have discovered that each personality type does tend to gain more satisfaction when performing in jobs in which they can best put their strengths to work, according to the Myers & Briggs Foundation. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the characteristics of the ENFJ personality type, the strengths and weakness of this type and the kinds of degrees leading to careers that would best fit ENFJ personalities.


There are four dimensions of preference measured in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. These are extroversion and introversion, sensation and intuition, thinking and feeling and perceiving and judging. Your four-letter code is derived from your preference in each dimension. ENFJ stands for extroversion, intuition, feeling and judging.

As an extroverted person, you feel energized by being around other people. Social settings where you can be outgoing are ideal. Your intuition allows you to focus on the big picture and to understand its impact on others. You aren’t so concerned with immediate details. As a feeling person, your decision-making is based on personal and subjective criteria, rather than the objective or rational. People who are judging are not judgmental, rather this refers to the ways in which you prefer to organize your time. You like organization, schedules and structure.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While this list is not exhaustive and may not apply to every person, there are some characteristics that tend to go along with the ENFJ personality type. These characteristics are bound to influence the kind of work a person prefers. Your personality type tends to be quite tolerant and enjoys listening to the views of others. You’re also likely to be reliable, not wanting to let people down. Your intuition and understanding of people make you a very charismatic individual that others like to be around. These characteristics also make you altruistic, wanting to do go in the world. Because people admire you, you’re often asked to be a leader.

You probably also possess some qualities that cause you problems sometimes. For example, you may be seen by others as being too idealistic or sensitive. That intuitive and compassionate nature of yours may cause you to be seen by more logical people as weak or even too selfless. Making decisions can be difficult for you due to your desire to do the best thing for everyone.

Degrees and Careers

Above all else, you are a people person and a helper. Therefore, careers like teacher, religious leader, counselor or other type of adviser would be logical choices. ENFJ types also tend to be quite expressive, leading to success in careers such as advertising executives, journalists and artists. Medicine or teacher are often right up your alley because they allow you to heal and to share knowledge, connecting with people in various ways. Consider degree areas such as psychology, art, communications,advertising, education, social work and communication, among others.

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These are merely a few of the majors and careers you can consider. However, you now have an idea of what degrees are best for ENFJ personality types and how your preferences relate to the world of work.