What Degrees are best for ESFJ Personality Types?

ESFJThe degrees that are best for ESFJ personality types tend to revolve around cooperation, determination and socialization. Below introduces four academic choices for students with an ESFJ personality type, which stands for extraversion, sensing, feeling and judgment, according to Truity.

Extraversion – Law Enforcement

A law enforcement degree introduces students to criminology, police tactics and the court and corrections systems. Most college law enforcement programs work closely with local law enforcement agencies to recruit talent. The daily activities of a police officer depend on their government agency and their occupational specialty. The most widely recognized police officer is uniformed and performs general law enforcement duties, such as citing traffic violations or patrolling a geographic area. Students should choose a degree program that matches their target law enforcement career preference.

Sensing – Court Reporting

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, court reporters create word-for-word transcriptions of legal proceedings, which include trials, hearings and depositions. Court reporters must have an excellent command of their senses because accurately detailed documentation plays a critical role in legal proceedings and decisions. Court reporters sometimes also take notes during informal meetings between attorneys, court staff and legal parties. Most court reporters receive training through community college or technical institute programs, which usually award diplomas or associate’s degrees. Students must master English grammar and phonetics as well as legal procedures and terminology. These programs are aligned with certification programs that prepare students to pass their state’s licensing exams. Most court reporters also seek certification through the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

Feeling – Early Childhood Education

Not all teachers want to work in the public school system. Students who want to work directly with children without strenuous licensing requirements should consider pursing an early childhood education degree that will allow them to work in any kind of daycare or learning setting. Every state has their own education and training requirements for child care workers. Many child care workers are employed by day care facilities to teach children through organized classroom activities and lessons. Child care workers are informal teachers who play a pivotal role in raising and educating students. Many day care facilities work in partnership with public schools to offer after-school care programs where students are taken care of while receiving help with homework. Many senior child care workers eventually become supervisors and administrators who review curriculums, develop schedules and maintain compliance with applicable regulations.

Judgment – Medicine

Any medical degree will require a significant investment of time, money and energy. For example, most physicians complete four years of undergraduate school and then four years of medical school before they move onto their three to five years of internship and residency programs. The first two years of medical school will be spent in labs and classrooms studying things like anatomy, biochemistry and pharmacology. The last two years of medical school will be spent under the supervision of experienced doctors in hospitals. There are many health care degree specializations available, such as anesthesiology, pediatrics and internal medicine.

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Similar degrees that are best for ESFJ personality types include paralegal, social work, dental hygienist and insurance agent.