What is the Best Degree to Become a Personal Trainer?

There are no degrees that are specific to becoming a personal trainer, but there are a few bachelor programs that lend themselves to the careers of trainers. These degree programs prepare trainers to be fitness experts by having specialized classes dealing with how the body moves effectively, and how it responds to that movement. While some trainers are only required to have a certificate, many employers will only hire those with extensive education and a degree from a reputable institution.

What are the Job Duties of a Personal Trainer

As a trainer, you’ll design and implement an exercise program specific to an individual or a group of people that are your clients. You’ll need to assess the current fitness level of the client before creating an exercise program that will benefit the person without causing stress to the body. When a trainer doesn’t understand the abilities of the individual or have the degree to understand the body, the client could be injured.

Bachelor of Science in Athletic Coaching

For a degree in athletic coaching, students will take classes like anatomy and physiology as well as scientific principles of human performance, which promotes safety and well-being for athletes. All of these courses can be applied to the world of training. Sports managerial accounting is a course that is taken with this discipline, which gives the student knowledge to work for themselves as a personal trainer.

Bachelor of Science in Health Fitness Specialist

Out of the three degrees listed here, this is the degree program that many personal trainers receive to graduate and become a trainer. Along with standard classes in anatomy and physiology, students take classes related to chemistry, biology and nutrition to provide clients with an overall plan for healthier living. Students graduating with this degree can work in a health fitness center available to the public, a corporate health center or an insurance company. They can be hired to work in a doctor’s office or a hospital too.

Associate of Science in Exercise Science

This degree is considered a stepping stone to further education for those who want to pursue advanced careers in healthcare. This degree is great for personal trainers, and it’s also a degree that students can obtain to become specialists in other fields like cardiac rehab. You don’t need to receive a BS to become a personal trainer with this type of degree, but you’ll need to obtain some certifications depending on what is required for positions in certain companies.

American Council on Exercise

As a personal trainer, the degree and certifications you choose will depend on the accreditation of the program. According to ACE, the gold standard of accreditation comes with a seal from NCCA, and any school should have the approval of this governing body. Any school you attend will likely be accredited, but ensure that the school has the seal, so you are not limited in your career choices upon graduation.

Certifications Needed

With schooling, you’ll be given the knowledge to pass the certification courses you need to become a personal trainer. Two of the main certifications needed are CPR and AED. CPR is cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which can be required when a client has a heart problem during training. AED is for the use of an automated external defibrillator. These are standard in most gyms and exercise facilities.

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The best degree for becoming a personal trainer will depend on the type of personal trainer the student would like to become. While some degrees take 4 years to complete, a few only require two years and advanced certifications.