What Is The Best Degree To Get When Training To Become a Professional Athlete?

AthleteBecoming a professional athlete is the goal of many talented young people who enter college on sports scholarships, and they sometimes investigate the best degree to get when training to become a professional athlete in order not to waste the educational opportunity afforded them. There are practical answers to this inquiry, but the best degree choice ultimately depends on the personal interests of the student athlete. Here are some examples of the best degrees to get when one is training to become a professional athlete.

Study a Body in Motion With a Kinesiology Degree

Serious athletes entering college desire to learn all there is to know about how the body moves and operates. This type of knowledge when properly applied has the potential to help the athlete improve his or her athletic performance. Undergraduate degree programs in kinesiology offer instruction to students about body movement with a special emphasis on muscle function. Some of the classroom topics include biomechanics, weight training and fitness assessment. Many kinesiology degree programs also include courses dedicated to addressing athletic injuries. Students who decide to participate in this type of degree program make both short and long-term investments in their careers. Improved athletic performance enhances their chances to attract the attention of professional sports scouts.

Most student athletes put their best foot forward when participating in sports, but only a small percentage of these students actually get to play professionally. With a degree in kinesiology, students have the opportunity to work in a field for which they are already familiar and passionate. This degree is also beneficial for student athletes who go on to play professional sports and decide to stop playing because of injuries or any other reason. Some of the alternate career options available for those with kinesiology degrees are fitness instructor, personal trainer, wellness coordinator, coach and physical education teacher, according to the American Kinesiology Association.

Learn To Fuel a Body With a Degree in Nutritional Science

One of the most important contributions to athletic performance is good nutrition, and a degree in nutritional science gives athletes the proper background on how to use food to enhance wellness. Often times the nutritional needs of the average person is misunderstood, and most professional athletes have an even greater nutritional requirement. If one is interested in the impacts of consuming the right amount of fats, carbohydrates and protein to energize the body to new heights in athletic performance, then a degree in nutritional science is the right one to pursue while training to become a professional athlete.

Understand Money Matters With a Finance Degree

A key complaint of professional athletes who run out of money shortly after they retire from playing sports is that their financial advisors failed them. Smart student athletes who do not want to be dependent on the financial advice of others to guard their nest eggs obtain training in finance. An undergraduate business administration degree in finance is the right option for those student athletes who like problem solving and learning about ways to make their money work for them.

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Many college student athletes have scholarships that allow them to pursue undergraduate degree programs in just about any major provided the students can perform their athletic obligations well. It is then up to the students to choose a major that piques their interests, enhances their athletic abilities or brightens their futures when selecting the right degree to get when training to become a professional athlete.