What Types of Careers are in Human Resources?

Today, there are many types of careers in human resources. For those new to the subject, human resources is the field of work focused on maintaining the best and most effective workforce possible within any company or organization. “Personnel Management” is another popular term you may have heard before denoting this particular line of work. So, what types of careers in human resources, or personnel management are available today? Here are some of the great options out there right now.

Human Resource Specialist

Among the most recognized faces of the entire human resource industry is that of the HR specialist. Human Resource specialists act as the HR department’s representatives for hiring, firing, and employee assistance matters. While these are some of their most outwardly visible signs of prowess, these professionals also stay hard at work behind the scenes in monitoring an entire workforce. For additional food for thought, US News & World Report ranks this position #15 among the best business jobs.

Human Resource Analyst

Managing a company’s diverse pool of workers can become quite complex and as much a matter of science as anything else within that business. This is where the human resource analyst comes into play. It is the job of the HR analyst to thus apply analysis to existing employees in addition to potential candidates for new employment. This analysis can involve any number of tasks, from background checks and employee investigations to deep analyses of current workforce numbers in comparison to company demand curves.

Manager of Human Resources

At the helm of most human resource departments is an acting manager or director. This manager of human resources is the effectual leader of the entire department and all its efforts and procedures. This manager doesn’t typically work with non-HR employees directly but rather oversees the company’s approach to managing and working with those employees. For those interested in this role, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this profession to continue to grow in demand at a healthy, average rate of 9% over the coming years.

Field Trainer

In some human resources departments, the task of providing training to new and existing employees is an included responsibility. As such, the position of field trainer then becomes important. The field trainer is essentially the human resource department’s on-the-ground representative who facilitates that actual training and also acts as a reporting contact between that employee and the greater HR department. Over the course of their day, these pros may proctor tests, facilitate training sessions, coordinate with the HR department, and consult with the employee in training among other duties.

Human Resource Consultant

Like consultants in so many other industries, HR consultants consult, or meet with and ultimately provide advice to some client company. Such paying client companies may or may not have an actual HR department themselves, but in all cases, are in need of some valuable guidance on the human resources front. The HR consultant, therefore, works as that sort of educator and guide, helping the hiring client to better run their workforce, from the eyes of an outside professional.

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Human resources is that critical juncture between employees and their employing organization. In this industry, many professionals are needed in order to make it all work seamlessly. These five options are just a few of the many types of careers in human resources available to those who want them today.