What Types of Jobs are Available as a Business Administrator?

There are many jobs available as a business administrator. These careers are spread across different sectors, including education, private business, government and retail. Here you will find a list of the top jobs you can do as a business administrator.

Operations Business Analyst

Operations business analysts work to bring value and drive projects through operations. They apply their analytical and quantitative skills to identify, distinguish and access various operational problems and develop corrective measures. In addition to analytical and quantitative skills, business operations analysts must have sufficient mathematical and statistical skills and be able to solve problems quickly. They earn an average salary of $60,917 per year. Those who are experienced and work for larger companies make up to $94,567, according to PayScale.

Business Manager

Business managers are responsible for supervising and overseeing an organization’s activities and employees. They monitor the day-to-day operations of all departments to ensure the organization is on track and meets its goals. They also participate in recruiting and training new employees. To be effective at work, business managers should be in a position to motivate and drive people to perform up to their best. They also need to communicate effectively and excel in making quick decisions. Business managers make $58,659 per annum on average. Earnings depend on the company one is working for. Those in established companies earn up to $106,000.

Procurement Specialist

Procurement specialists control almost every aspect of the procurement process within a company. They oversee the purchasing of equipment, products and materials. They also monitor the maintenance of the company’s inventory and participate in record keeping. Procurement specialists need to be competent in managing projects and be flexible enough to deal with problems that often come up during the procurement process. They make $55,251 per year. The highest-paid individuals earn up to $82,000.

Investment Banker

Investment bankers work to help their clients make accurate, profitable and risk-free financial settlements. They also assist clients with acquisition and mergers and advise them on various investment options in the financial market. Investment bankers must be people who can think outside the box to come up with creative solutions for their clients. They must also have great communication skills and be able to work with numbers effectively. Investment bankers earn an average salary of $93,443. They are among the highest-paid professionals in the financial market industry.

Human Resource Administrator

Human resource administrator’s work to oversee and administer employee health, retirement plans, wages and general welfare. They also participate in hiring new employees and conduct orientations. Those who want to work in this profession must have administrative skills, communicate well and be able to foster teamwork within an organization. Human resource administrators make $48,433, according to PayScale. The salary ranges between $32,242 and $64,034.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts work to help public and private companies organize their finances. They monitor the company’s spending and prepare budget reports. Budget analysts have strong analytical, communication, math and writing skills. They are also detail-oriented. They make $58,794 per year, with a range between $41,162 and $84,888.

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When it comes to business administration, there are a lot of options you can choose from. New job positions are constantly being created, thanks to a thriving economy. The list highlighted above is just a sample of the many careers available as an administrator.