5 Famous ESFJ Personality Types

When you’re pursuing a college degree, the Myers-Briggs personality test is almost like a crystal ball. It steers you toward compatible careers. Unlike folklore, its prediction is scientifically sound. The tool is so reliable that it’s widely used in many professional settings.

ESFJ Personality Type


ESFJs are warm, loyal, accommodating, and diligent. Desiring harmony in relationships, they work hard to maintain it. As model team players, they’re cooperative. ESFJ personality types seek ways to make life easier for others. Menial tasks are not beneath them. You can rely on them to fulfill their responsibilities. Accordingly, they’re motivated and energetic.

Being family-oriented, ESFJs pursue lasting relationships. Practical and realistic, they’re skilled at handling money. Since they’re appreciative and supportive of others, they’re well-liked.

Ideal Careers

If you’re an ESFJ, you’ll thrive in a friendly work environment, among compassionate employees. You’ll be valued for your dedication and camaraderie with coworkers. According to 16 Personalities, the occupations for which you’re well-suited:

  • family physician
  • guidance counselor
  • human resource manager
  • mental health professional
  • nurse practitioner
  • social worker
  • speech pathologist
  • teacher

5 Famous ESFJs

1. Prince William

At age 21, the Daily Mail reported he was already developing the skills of a mediator and peacemaker among his peers. A university professor praised him for being practical and conscientious. Prince William has said he strives to be thoughtful, honest, caring, and genuine. He’s widely regarded as friendly.

Like his mother, Princess Diana, William is one of the most beloved among famous ESFJ personality types. He supports numerous non-profits. Among them are Centrepoint, dedicated to homeless youth, and Tusk Trust, preserving African wildlife. In 2007, he and his brother hosted a fundraising charity concert in honor of their mother.

2. Pope Francis

Lauded as “Person of the Year” in 2013 by Time magazine, he’s also called the “People’s Pope.” There are at least 20 reasons why. Here are examples of his humility, benevolence, and gracious leadership.

Pope Francis refuses to move into the posh papal residence. At night, he reportedly ventures out to speak with and give money to the homeless. Presented with a Harley-Davidson as a gift by the manufacturer, the pontiff sold the motorbike. Auctioned for $327,000, he donated the money to Caritas Roma, a local soup kitchen. Pope Francis reaches out compassionately to hurting civilians. He’s been photographed kissing the foot of a disabled man. When people write to him requesting prayer, he responds with personal letters.

He embraces marginalized groups of people traditionally shunned by the papacy. Likewise, he’s urging the Catholic Church to be more accepting of divorcees, homosexuals, and women who’ve had abortions. He’s initiated reforms to make annulments easier and less costly. Pope Francis uses his authoritative status to ease tense political situations and conflict. In 2014, during a Holy Land visit, he invited a Muslim leader to pray with him at the Wailing Wall.

It’s no wonder Pope Francis is one of the most respected among famous ESFJ personality types.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

Director Doug McGrath describes the actress as friendly and personable. Her brother Pippin recounts examples of her cheerfulness and generosity. He says people light up when Sarah walks into a room. She helped finance Pippin’s playwright career and has funded some of her siblings’ care. Sarah has said, “Someday, I want to own a grocery store, extending running tabs to people in need. I want a poor mother to come in for baby food, paying for it when she’s able.”

4. Mary Tyler Moore

Were you a fan of her endearing TV characters? As the devoted housewife of Rob Petrie, she captured Americans’ hearts. As single professional Mary Richards, she amused us. Producing her own shows, she used them to raise awareness of sensitive social issues, including infidelity, divorce, and women’s equality in the workplace.

Both professionally and in her personal life, Mary Tyler Moore was charming. According to the NY Post, here’s what co-stars have said about her:

  • Mary was a marvelous mentor. I learned by observing and being encouraged by her.
  • She carried herself with supreme grace. She walked, talked, and danced with grace.
  • Mary wasn’t a glory hound. She worked hard.
  • Each time she sang and danced with Dick Van Dyke, she melted our hearts.

5. Idris Elba

It’s no secret that Idris Elba is a talented actor who’s adored by American women. What you may not know are examples of his kindheartedness. Here are some of his quotes, creeds, and ethics:

  • People appreciate when you pay attention to details.
  • When you need to ask a favor of someone, do it with warmth.
  • I like to remind people of their good qualities. There’s something wonderful in each human being.
  • Spend time really listening to people, so they know they’re being heard.
  • At parties, I like to sit in a corner and enjoy everyone else having fun.

Considering his attractiveness and thoughtfulness, you can see why Idris Elba is one of the most-liked ESFJ personality types in the entertainment industry.

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Your Shining Destiny

If you’re an ESFJ, you’re destined for favor. Whatever your chosen service-minded career, you’ll shine. Your charisma will blaze a trail of loyal admirers.

Just think! You’re in the same league as Prince William, Pope Francis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary Tyler Moore, and Idris Elba. You’re headed for career success!