5 Great Hobbies for ENFJ Personalities

ENFJs are some of the most altruistic and genuine people on the planet, making these 5 great hobbies perfect for anyone of this personality type. With interests like reading, volunteering, visual arts and more, ENFJs can easily put their natural intelligence and creativity to use. These activities will help ENFJs take full advantage of their skills and preferences for a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

1. Outdoor Exploration

Hiking, kayaking and climbing can be excellent activites for any ENFJ who wants to socialize and get active. As natural leaders, ENFJs will have a great time navigating rapid waters or forging ahead through the wilderness with a team of companions. With a natural ability to ease tensions in groups and create harmony, any team-based outdoor activity is ideal. An ENFJ’s reliability will shine when it comes to bringing the necessary equipment, organizing group activities, and overall ensuring that everyone has a great time. The serenity and novelty of the outdoors combined with the social aspect of teamwork makes outdoor exploration one of the best hobbies for ENFJs.

2. Arts

Whether painting a landscape or designing furniture, the ENFJ is a creative and thoughtful individual. The arts are a great way to explore complex emotions and communicate non-verbally with others. From art appreciation at museums to craft festivals and creativity workshops, there are endless ways for the ENFJ to enjoy art as a hobby. This versatile interest gives the ENFJ both time for reflection and the capacity to connect with others. While the arts can be an excellent hobby for any personality type, it is perfectly compatible with the ENFJ’s creative and inspirational qualities.

3. Social Clubs

One of the best hobbies for the ENFJ is simply getting out there and spending time with others. It’s easy to find social groups and clubs online through social media like Facebook, Meetup and Google+. ENFJs thrive by talking to people and having a great time. Whether joining a trivia club or finding a group that tastes beer every week, enjoying nightlife with friends is one of the greatest hobbies an ENFJ can have. As a charismatic social butterfly, the ENFJ can have fun in seemingly any social situation.

4. Volunteering

It’s no question whether ENFJs are humanitarians. With an urge to help the world and a desire to provide support for those in need, ENFJs will derive tons of joy from volunteering. Although the specific cause and organization will depend on the ENFJ’s particular interests, there are numerous volunteering opportunities to make an ENFJ happy in their free time. Whether tutoring young students in reading or explaining healthcare options to individuals in need, volunteering is undeniably rewarding for the ENFJ. This is overall a great option because ENFJ’s thrive when interacting with people and making the world a better place.

5. Literature

Attending book clubs can be the perfect source of mental stimulation for any ENFJ who loves stories and discussing what it means to be human. As an added bonus, an ENFJ’s tolerance and empathy will shine when discussing anything from race and identity to mental illness and depression. ENFJs are excellent at understanding another’s point of view with complexity and care, making literature one of the most appropriate hobbies for the ENFJ. From David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest to Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti, there is a world of complex and interesting literature waiting for the ENFJ.

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Overall, it’s clear that ENFJs shine in the world of social interaction and genuine compassion. From literature to visual arts, this diverse list of hobbies is perfect for any ENFJ.