Are Online College Class Start Dates Frequent Enough to Be Convenient?

Online learning can be a convenient option for those wishing to complete or continue their education thanks to the frequency of online college start dates. Because of the unique nature of the online classroom, students are able to cover material quickly and efficiently in a shorter time frame than the traditional 16 week semester. Many online programs rely on a term or quarter time frame for classes, each lasting approximately nine weeks, and some programs allow students to start sooner than that.

Shorter Class Terms and More Engagement With the School

Part of the appeal of online learning is the convenience. Students do not have to schedule classes around work and family in order to receive an education. Instead, a student can find free time within their schedule to do their required coursework. Because of the need for convenience, online school will work on a term or quarter basis. While this does mean that a semester’s worth of material is covered in a condensed class, students have the opportunity to start new classes and go through the registration process on a quicker basis. Essentially, online students can look forward to two class terms within the timespan of a traditional semester. The number of possible taken classes during these periods exceed the traditional cap of semester based courses, meaning that students who decide to take convenient online classes will finish their studies at a quicker rate than traditional students.

Because of the short term system, students remain engaged in the school during the period of time between getting admitted to the school and starting class, so there is not the down time of spending months between being admitted to a school and actually getting started. It is during that short period that students register, order books, review program requirements, and otherwise prepare to start their next class. There is very little downtime for the student because of the convenient way classes start and are scheduled.

Larger Class Selections

Shorter class terms also mean that students are able to choose from more courses each year. In the traditional two semester class rate, students are able to pick from two class lists each year. Under the convenience of online college start dates, student may choose from up to five different term schedules each year. Because of this, the ability to plan ahead for course scheduling is much easier. Many online students benefit from know when certain classes are going to be offered, and can more easily complete prerequisites and other classes that would otherwise hold them up in the long run.

Convenience as a Deciding Factor

Those who decide to engage in online learning appreciate the frequency of start dates as well as the work that takes place between those start dates. Frequent start dates ultimately allows for work to be completed sooner and new courses to be started. Students who worry about never finishing a degree will find the possibility to complete courses much easier under this system. Online college starts dates continue to be convenient for the nontraditional learner.