What Degrees Are Best for ENTJ Personality Types?

ENTJIf you are drawing on the Myers-Briggs personality indicator for insights into your career path, you may be interested in degrees that are best for ENTJ personality types. The Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) was developed to help people gain insight into their personalities, particularly into what gives them energy and helps them work and function most effectively. The questions you answer on the MBTI, based in Jungian psychology, help to determine your personality type. ENTJ is one of sixteen possible personality profiles. It stands for Extroverted Intuitive Thinking and Judging.

Some Strengths and Weaknesses of the ENTJ Personality

Extroversion on the Myers-Brigg scale has to do with where you draw your energy. An extroverted personality type is one that focuses more on externals than on internal feelings and promptings. The judging part of the profile has to do with preferring a more structured kind of life rather than an open-ended and spontaneous one. Combine these traits with the intuitive thinking traits represented by the NT, and you get someone who focuses on externals, is able to notice their patterns and importance, can analyze situations in a logical way, and is then able to make decisive judgements based on all those factors. In other words, you get a leader.

ENTJs tend to be such good leaders that, out of all personality types, they are the ones most likely to manage teams. Because they make such good managers, administrators, and executives, they are also the personality type most likely to make a high salary, whether working a traditional job or as a self-employed person, according to Truity. They make great strategic thinkers and can be highly efficient. Their natural confidence and energy can help inspire other people. However, sometimes they see their own ideas and their worth so clearly that they can have a hard time listening to others. They can struggle to express their emotions well.

Possible Career Paths and Degrees for ENTJs

Given the leadership potential in ENTJ personalities, there are a number of good career choices for someone with this personality type. Financial management, real estate, law, technology, engineering and the arts are all possible career paths, and much will depend on your particular interests and gifts. However, as an ENTJ, you might want to consider the fact that you will likely feel happiest in a leadership or management role, which probably indicates that you will need to stay in school longer to achieve that kind of goal. Many people in supervisory positions hold graduate degrees in their specific discipline. Even in practical skill fields, such as healthcare, ENTJs are more likely to enjoy being doctors or surgeons than they are in an assisting type of role.

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As someone who is good at thinking things through and making strong decisions, ENTJ personalities will no doubt go about choosing a career in a methodical, goal-setting way. Once you understand your strengths and leadership potential, think about what you most enjoy doing. That will lead you to degrees that are best for ENTJ personality types.