What Degrees are Best for ESTJ Personality Types?

ESTJIf you’ve taken the Meyer’s Briggs personality assessment, you may wonder what college degrees are best for an ESTJ personality type, according to 16 Personalities. Following a course of study that suits your strengths will allow you to enter a career in which you’ll achieve great things. Below, we’ll discuss the personality type and offer some guidance for selecting the major that’s right for you.

ESTJ Overview

ESTJ is known as The Executive for good reason. They have a passion for order and organizing, and passionately pursue their path. Obstacles don’t stand a chance when they’re in the way of this personality type. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of this group, your dedication will earn you the praise and respect of coworkers as easily as it will bring high marks from educators. Because you’re a fan of direct honesty, you won’t beat around the bush when the truth is called for. But your loyalty is without compare, and you’ll work hard to help others rise along with you.

While you’ve a host of positive, beneficial attributes, you can be a bit inflexible. This is the shadow side of all that drive and devotion to order. Unconventional situations or people are not your favorite things, and you may find it difficult to come down to the mortal plane after a hard day’s work. Emotional intimacy also isn’t a strong suit, but because you mean what you say, when your word is given it’s done so with absolute honesty.

Courses of Study

Given this Apollonian persona, what types of degrees might suit you best when it comes time to pursue an education. Because you’ll bring your customary devotion and long-sighted determination to every task, you’d likely succeed in many fields. However, some are better than others, given a marked distaste for the unusual, disorderly, or unconventional. We’ll group the majors according to general type, to help narrow down your options with ease, depending on taste.


Within this field, you have your pick of professions. You might consider pursuing a purely practical degree as either a teacher or an administrator. Another aspect of the educational track is that of theory. You may wish to specialize in pedagogical research, cross-cultural curriculum development, or other areas that call for intensive analysis of quantitative and qualitative data.

The Law and Military
Whether you elect to pursue an officer’s training or study for the bar examination, your passion for order and desire to pursue the truth will stand you in good stead. As a police officer, a military officer, a judge, and in some cases a lawyer, you can accomplish much.

Business or Finance
There’s no where you can’t go with a major related to finance, business or business administration. These majors are all about order, following the rules, and staying the course in pursuit of a goal.

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Studying in a field that plays to your strengths will only enable you to achieve those goals that much faster, with a bonus of satisfaction. But this isn’t a hard and fast law. As an ESTJ, your passionate pursuit of your goals will take you where you want to go. Look for degrees that enable an ESTJ to manage people, create new structures or concepts, and bring the light of Apollonian reason, logic, and order to the world.