What Degrees are Best For INFP Personality Types?

INFPThe degrees that are best for INFP personality types are to be found in academic fields that embrace deep ideas, values and thoughts. INFP stands for introversion, intuition, feeling and perception.

Craft Art

Craft artists must have a strong intuition of style and awareness of their feelings. Craft artists tend to be introverts who excel at expressing abstract beauty or provocative ideas through their art. There are no formal education requirements to become a craft artist. However, unless the student is an artistic genius, they should pursue a degree in their desired field of art because this will fine tune and expand their technical skills. Almost all community colleges and technical trade schools offer classes or degrees in everything from animation to ceramics to sculpting. In order to increase job marketability, it is highly recommended that artists pursue a graduate degree to improve their job prospects. These degrees will expose students to things like advanced art history, conceptual design and fine-art techniques.

Human Services

Degrees that are best for INFP personality types include social work and human service programs. A student who wants to become a licensed social worker must complete an approved bachelor’s and master’s degree in social work and then obtain a state license. However, there are many non-profit and community organizations that hire students with an academic background related to social work. These degree programs include psychology, urban studies and public administration. A bachelor’s degree in human services provides a comprehensive introduction to core topics, such as social problems, policies and advocacy. Case management classes train students how to interview clients, assess needs, determine eligibility and track information.

Archival Science

Students with a highly introverted INFP personality type should consider studying archival science. Many graduates find work in libraries, archives and museums. In order to become an archivist, students should get a master’s degree in library science, but also history or records management, according to the American Library Association. To become a museum curator, students must have a master’s or doctoral degree in the museum’s specialty, whether it is art, science, archeology or periodic history. Students may also consider pursuing a general bachelor’s degree in liberal arts to start work as an entry-level document specialist or archive technician. As a final option, students who wish to study archival science can major in IT or database management.


Students who are sensitive to intuition and feelings should consider a degree related to broadcasting or film production. These jobs will allow them to apply their sharp attention to detail and artistic perception to creating visually rich media products. For instance, camera operators capture a wide array of visual content for news and television programs. Film editors organize, manipulate and streamline the footage into a final product. The technology revolution has resulted in the growth of many small and independent companies that directly upload impressive content through popular sites such as YouTube. There are many entry-level jobs available for students who know how to operate digital cameras and use video-editing software programs.

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Additional degrees that are best for INFP personality types include counseling, graphic design, anthropology and veterinarian science.