What Degrees are Best for INTP Personality Types?

INTP Personality TypeIf you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs personality inventory and discovered your profile type is INTP, you may be wondering about the degrees best for INTP personality types. The Myers-Briggs inventory, sometimes just called the MBTI, can be a helpful tool to learn about your particular temperament and the kinds of work that would best suit your particular strengths and way of interacting with the world. The inventory presents a number of questions about your preferences and assesses what you find energizing, as well as how you process information and make decisions. If your personality type is INTP, that stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perceiving.

INTP Profile

The MBTI inventory is based on Jungian psychology. Since four types of traits are assessed, and they can be combined in different ways, the inventory results can yield sixteen different personality types. Each type has potential strengths and weaknesses based on their preferences. The INTP is a relatively rare personality type, and is often characterized as the “rational” or “logical” type. Albert Einstein was believed to have been this personality type. INTPs tend to be innovative thinkers who can think outside the box. The intuitive part of their personality means that they work better in the realm of the abstract than the concrete or practical, according to Truity. This type of person can be highly creative and will likely flourish in an environment that nourishes creativity. Interestingly, it has also been found that INTPs can also thrive when self-employed. Since they fall on the introverted part of the personality scale, that means they can be energized by working on their own or in smaller groups rather than in larger group settings.

School and Career Choices

Bearing all this in mind, it may not come as a shock to discover that someone with an INTP personality type does well in jobs involving technology. Engineering and the sciences are other jobs that an INTP might intentionally seek out or feel drawn toward. Because they are good at analyzing things, certain business professions such as accounting, auditing or market research might also be appealing or fulfilling. While many of these jobs would require a bachelors degree or higher, there are a number of career tracks that an INTP could pursue with an associates degree or a diploma or vocational education. Engineering technicians and web developers are two such jobs which might not require lengthy amounts of schooling but that could draw on an INTP’s analytical and creative strengths.

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Every personality type has its potential challenges as well as strengths. Knowing this can help you as you look at various education and career goals. An INTP personality may need to guard against being so involved in their own ideas that they have a hard time connecting with others or following someone else’s lead. They also need to be aware of certain job situations which they might find difficult, such as being called upon to implement practical applications or work in large groups. Keeping things like this in mind will help you as you pursue degrees best for INTP personality types.