What Degrees are the Best for INFP Personality Types?

INFPThe degrees that are best for INFP personality types can be sometimes difficult to find. This is because INFP personality types tend to be too private and idealistic. However, there are a number of degrees that are a perfect fit for students with INFP personality types.

What is the INFP Personality Type>

INFP stands for introvert, intuitive, feeling and perceiving. INFP personality types tend to be optimistic, altruistic and create, according to the Myers & Briggs Foundation. They value harmony, flexibility and dedication. However, they can be difficult to open up and socialize with others. Additionally, their focus can become sometimes too intense, so they may forget about important matters. Finally, they tend to dislike facts, data and monotony. Therefore, students with an INFP personality type should sensibly select their degree program.


The degrees that are best for INFP personality types start with the introverted side. Some of the best jobs include historian, psychologist and librarian. In fact, librarian or archivist is the perfect job for people with INFP personality types. Librarians are employed by schools, colleges and the government. Their main duties are helping library patrons find resources, such as books, music, videos and learning materials. They also assist library patrons conduct research to find necessary information. Introverts will enjoy quieting organizing library materials and developing library materials databases. They will also excel in researching new library materials, such as reading online book reviews or publisher announcements.


Fashion designers must have strong intuitiveness with a sharp eye for quality and perfection. They will excel at spending enormous amounts of time studying current fashion trends and anticipating future designs. They must be sensitive to what customers want, need and dislike. Fashion designers use their creativity to sketch clothing and accessory designs. Some use traditional methods and others prefer to use cutting-edge software programs. Fashion designers who enjoy interacting with others will spend their time visiting stores, manufacturers and trade shows in order to obtain fabric and material samples. Senior fashion designers will decide on collection themes, create prototype designs and present ideas in fashion shows.


A community service manager is a great job for those with compassion for needy and vulnerable populations. Their job is to identify and implement community-based programs and services that meet target needs. For example, soup kitchens for the hungry, temporary housing for the homeless and support services for domestic violence survivors. Related to this, they must establish and collect metrics that measure the effectiveness of their programs. After this, they collaborate with partners in order to improve ineffective areas. Many also are required to supervise staff and manage budgets. This can be challenging because of limited financial resources, so they must continually seek funding through private, community and government funding and donations.


The field of psychology offers plenty of unique branches that go well with the INFP personality type. For example, clinical psychologists must not only have excellent perception, but intuition and empathy to evaluate, diagnose and treat mental and emotional problems. Clinical psychologists help their patients deal with short-term personal problems, such as emotional anguish over a breakup, and long-term problems, such as chronic anxiety or PTSD. Clinical psychologists use different approaches to help their patients, which includes coaching, diagnostic tests and measurable improvement goals.

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Undoubtedly, there are many more similar career opportunities awaiting students with a INFP personality type. Degrees that are best for INFP personality types involve creativity, passion and insight.