What Types of Jobs are Available with a Criminal Justice Degree?

The types of jobs available with a criminal justice degree are usually related to private security, law enforcement and the military. There are other types of jobs available in academic research, retail management, public administration and emergency services.

Special Insurance Investigator

Special insurance investigators protect the organization’s assets by minimizing the payment of fraudulent claims. All of their work is conducted in accordance with applicable laws and policy provisions. They must diligently gather the facts of the potential risks and losses without exposing the organization to bad claims and fraudulent clients. They conduct timely investigations of suspected fraudulent claims to help management make prompt and accurate claims decisions. They may randomly review open and closed files, cases and accounts to ensure that fraud is recognized by staff.

Special insurance investigators identify and monitor persons or organizations that are involved in suspicious activities. They may work with state fraud and law enforcement agencies in combating insurance fraud. They may initiate referrals to state insurance department fraud bureaus and agencies. Special insurance investigators analyze the results of investigations to determine the appropriate decisions and courses of action. They may conduct interviews, obtain witness statements and search databases and public records for relevant information.

Security Supervisor

Security supervisors enhance, track and report on performance metrics that promote safety, desired outcomes and system improvements. They ensure that team members understand and align their actions with the values of the organization and the laws of the state. Security supervisors act as the organization’s safety liaison and security subject matter expert. They maintain open lines of communication with local law enforcement agencies. Security supervisors strive to create safe buildings, campuses, neighborhoods and communities.

They may supervise foot, mobile and bicycle patrols who interact with staff, residents or members of the public. Security supervisors ensure that regular employee understand safety rules, security requirements and emergency response plans. They continually search for ways to add value to the organization and ensure individual employee success. They should have a demonstrated track record in dealing with the complex communication, organizational dynamics and human resource issues. They must have sound judgment in dealing with business issues and corporate challenges.

Workers’ Compensation Investigator

Workers compensation investigators specializing in the video surveillance of employees suspected of workers’ compensation and insurance fraud. They conduct surveillance of claimants using surveillance vehicles, video cameras, mobile apps and special equipment. They may retrieve court, public or medical records as instructed. They must write accurately detailed surveillance logs of all investigation activities. Workers compensation investigators often testify in court, deal with attorneys, and navigate complex legal proceedings.

They may conduct regular activity checks of assigned persons in their neighborhoods. They will prepare field logs that are submitted to management. Workers compensation investigators must maintain constant observation of high-profile claimants with multi-million dollar settlements. They must document all information relative to these claimant’s activities. They must be comfortable staying in vehicles for long hours, dressing in camouflage to stealthily observe clients up close and operating a covert pinhole camera.

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Another type of jobs available with a criminal justice degree is criminal research associate. These professionals are responsible for researching criminal backgrounds, building relationships with the court and communicating with the Departments of Justice, Corrections and Probation.