What Types of Jobs are Available with a Degree in Advertising?

The types of jobs available with a degree in advertising are mostly limited to marketing, business and advertising positions. However, they may involve any industry, such as non-profit and accounting, and any media platform, such as mobile apps and traditional print.

Media Strategist

Media strategists perform media buying, planning and operating duties. Their daily account management duties include contract analysis, special projects, current campaigns, future forecasts and local market media strategies. They directly work with clients, vendors, artists, media staff, marketing professionals and account managers to accomplish these duties, according to the American Association of Advertising Agencies. They must maintain well-informed knowledge of digital, mobile, newspaper and advertising issues affecting their industry. Media strategists develop and manage multimedia campaigns in conjunction with account managers. They may maintain media buying and planning databases used for market spoilage and research purposes. Media strategists deal with classifieds, corporate ads, employment entries and marketing campaigns.

Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists provide digital content services to their clients. They must deliver cohesive and consistent work to clients that is engaging and entertaining. Social media content professionals are responsible for managing social media platforms for their clients. This includes monitoring user engagement, writing community articles, reading digital publications and responding to online community concerns. They independently manage the client’s social media platform by monitoring and responding to user engagement. They assist content teams with daily tasks, short-term projects and ongoing communication campaigns. They may write things like news releases, website content and community articles. They must understand social media analytics and research tools.

Digital Media Manager

Digital media managers support teams of account executives, advertising personnel and graphic design artists by coordinating multi-platform content initiatives. They excel in collaborative environments through acting as the technical liaison between partners, vendors and interactive media divisions. They help design and support advertising materials, content and websites. They may provide feedback on graphic, audio and video functions and performance. Digital media managers may be responsible for art concept and direction of assigned projects and websites. They may be in charge of the daily management of advertising content, marketing campaigns and sales initiatives. Digital media managers must understand mass advertising and communications.

Advertising Planners

Advertising planners and strategists collaborate with teams and clients to deliver innovative solutions. They may be responsible for the planning, direction and oversight of advertising accounts. They must be savvy with digital formats, research tools, planning models, industry trends and collaborative techniques. Advertising planners and strategists thrive in fast-paced environments through their relentless, innovative and empowered attitudes. They are responsible for composing, proofing and ensuring high-quality deliverables of media plans and presentations. They use their advanced organization and prioritization skills to manage project requests, meet internal expectations and manage media budgets. They collaborate with media production and buying teams to ensure smooth plan implementation.

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The types of jobs available with a degree in advertising also include non-traditional media innovation. Advertising innovators shares new ideas and opinions on industry developments and opportunities. Advertising managers work closely with team members to ensure that day-to-day projects are being completed in timely and accurate manners.