What Types of Jobs Can One Get With an English Degree?

English Degree JobsKnowing what types of jobs you can get with an English degree may help you decide if you wish to pursue such a degree. While English majors may be thought of as nothing more than teachers or writers, there are many jobs that you can get after graduation with a degree in English.

Become a Public Speaker

Those who pursue an English degree tend to have good communication skills whether they are writing a paper or giving a speech. With the proper marketing, it may be possible to command thousands of dollars per speaking engagement. If you happen to be a well known author or have a large following online, you could make as much as $100,000 for a 30 minute speech. The best part is that you can talk about anything that interests you and would be of value to your audience.

Run a Nonprofit Company

Having the ability to craft a compelling message is a skill that you need to have if you want people to donate money to your cause. Understanding how to write mission statements, create great web content full of emotion and having the ability to give speeches to government officials and business leaders provide you with everything that you need to run an effective charity. In addition to doing something good for the community, you can make a lot of money as the head of a charity, according to the article Best-Paying Jobs for English Majors.

Develop Websites

Instead of writing content for a website, why not develop them instead? You can help your clients code the site, choose the right font, color and text as well as make content decisions that will maximize the SEO value of the site. If you run your own website development company, your writing skills will help you communicate effectively with clients and create marketing materials that will compel paying customers to contact you for more information.

Become a Sports Broadcaster

People tend to think of sports broadcasters or other sports journalists as low brow or working in their fields because they couldn’t find work anywhere else. However, being a sports broadcaster takes good communication skills and the ability to make the game fun and exciting for both hardcore and casual fans alike. A large part of the broadcaster’s job is to talk about the game in a way that fans will understand and educate the novice fan as to what is going on and why it is happening.

Teach English Overseas

English majors may be able to help those in other countries learn how to speak English. Those who decide to teach overseas may be sent to destinations such as Asia or South America to work directly with students of all ages. They may even be eligible for partial or total student loan forgiveness as well by working in a foreign country.

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The types of jobs with an English degree are varied and plentiful. Whether you want to be a broadcaster, teach English overseas or become a public speaker, you will need strong written and oral communication skills to get your message across to your audience in an easy to understand manner.