What Ways Can I Specialize a Business Degree?

Specialize a Business DegreeIdentifying ways that one can specialize a business degree is difficult only because there are so many options. Business is a huge category, with many specializations. If you want to know how you can specialize your business degree, first you should consider the kind of work you enjoy.

Do You Prefer Working with Numbers and Computers?

If so, as a business major, you should consider the following specializations:

Accounting: An accounting degree is one of the most popular business degrees. It can lead to positions as public accountants, management accountants, government accountants and internal auditors.

Economics: A degree in economics is essential to work as an economist, and for advanced positions, an advanced degree is almost always required.

Finance: A degree in finance will make you attractive to the many businesses that require someone with a specialized knowledge of finance. Positions that a degree in finance could lead to include credit analyst, finance officer, financial advisor and financial analyst.

IT Management: A degree in IT management puts you on the cutting edge of technology. While a bachelor’s degree will get you in the door, a master’s degree will take you a few steps further. Positions for those with degrees in IT management include IT project manager, IT security manager, chief technology officer (CTO) and chief information officer (CIO).

Are You More of a People Person?

There are many areas of specialization available that not only allow, but demand, interaction with people.

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations: Advertising, marketing and public relations degrees are related fields that can cross over in the job market. With any of these specializations, you could end up in a position as copywriter, advertising manager, advertising account executive, creative director, public relations specialist or marketing manager.

Human Resources: A degree in human resources can put you in line for opportunities in the human resources sector, which, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is expected to grow faster than average. Common job titles of those with a bachelor’s in human resources are human resources generalist, human resources manager, labor relations manager and training and development manager.

Hospitality Management: A degree in hospitality management can lead to many different careers. You can specialize in one particular area or you can choose to become a general manager. Successful event planners often have a degree in hospitality management. Other job titles of those holding a degree in hospitality management are lodging manager, restaurant manager, casino manager and cruise director.

What if You Just Love Business for its Own Sake?

There are still more specializations for you. You can specialize in the nuts and bolts of business operations with a business management degree, a degree in international business, operations management, project management, supply chain management and more. For more detailed information on business degrees and top business schools, visit the US News and World Report website.

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Finally, What if Your Plan is to Go Into Business for Yourself?

There’s a degree for that too. It’s called an entrepreneurship degree, and many degree holders go on to start their own business with the knowledge they’ve gained about marketing, advertising, management and growing a business.

As you might suspect, since all of theses specializations fall under the very broad category of business, there’s some cross-over and flexibility in the actual job market.