5 Famous ESFP Personalities

ESFPAccording to the Myers and Briggs Foundation, everyone has a personality type with certain characteristics. Individuals with ESFP traits are hands-on and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately, this type often experiences low job satisfaction and endures high levels of stress. One particular trait dominant among these people is a need to be in the spotlight. ESFPs crave attention and feel it is important to take center stage at any gathering. Here are five famous ESFP personalities.

1. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is a classic example of the ESFP personality type. He is known to love one-on-one interactions with others, which is the main reason he was elected for two terms. Throughout his political career, he always had the natural ability to connect with a broad audience. It has been said that Bill commands any room he enters. This is a key characteristic of an ESFP. Also, he is very involved with his family. Despite rumors of infidelity, Clinton has steadfastly stood by his wife Hillary and openly dotes over his daughter and granddaughter.

2. Katy Perry

ESFP personalities live for the moment and are fascinated by people. They are never satisfied to settle for monotony. This is an excellent description of Katy Perry. This exuberant singer/songwriter is known for her enthusiastic performances and expresses her personality through her wardrobe. Her brightly colored and whimsical clothing is a direct reflection of her charm. From a young age, Perry was bored by school. After she focused her efforts on music, her true passion, she excelled and gained great success.

3. Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a noted actor and filmmaker. A definite trait of an ESFP personality is plunging head-first into projects of interest. This is exactly the way Tarantino acts when he begins a new movie. In this manner, he learns something new with every project. Rose McGowan, an actress who once worked with Tarantino, describes his personality as “controlled insanity.” She explains his “loud and fun” nature makes him unique and draws enthusiasm from others. This is a strong part of the ESFP personality type. ESFPs always enjoy life to the fullest.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

ESFP personalities experience life best through “sensing” and “feeling.” Throughout Leonardo Dicaprios’s career, these were the ways he gained success. Dicaprio always takes advantage of new people and new surroundings. Although he admits struggling through school, he found life was much easier on the stage. Taking different acting roles has freed him from long-term routines. These tendencies have carried over to his private life. He has been through quite a number of relationships and has never settled down with just one woman. In Hollywood, Dicaprio is well liked for his ability to empathize with others. This “feeling” trait allows him to connect with the public and provide caring actions.

5. Richard Branson

Richard Branson is an English businessman and philanthropist known for founding Virgin Records. He has always embraced his rebellious side and believes rule were made to be broken. As a entrepreneur, his ESFP personality traits have attracted him to new ideas. These ideas helped him expand his business portfolio. One of his latest investments was “3D Robotics,” a drone company. He has also tried to break several records. For instance, in March 2004, he became the person to cross the English Channel the fastest by traveling in an amphibious vehicle. No matter his endeavors, he has always been the “glue” behind his companies and has maintained high employee morale.

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ESFP personalities love life, people, and thrills. They often dislike rules and routine but strive to bring harmony to the world. Since their energy is infectious, these individuals attract people and enjoy being in the spotlight. The above celebrities are just a sample of individuals who exhibit these traits. For a good time, these people never disappoint.