5 Great Careers for ESTJ Personality Types

Direct, organized, honest and strong-willed. All descriptors of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ESTJ personality type. Myers-Briggs is an instrument used in more than 70 countries in the world and Fortune 100 companies, universities and beyond to determine personality types for personal and professional development, hiring and team building. MBTI’s theory says that those personality differences we all have form patterns and those patterns make up our types.

ESTJs look to organize the world, make things predictable, make decisions and move on – resisting the urge to reopen them again. Here are five great careers that fit their personality according to CPP, the company that puts out the MBTI assessment:

1. Accountant

ESTJs flourish in this role due to your supreme determination to follow procedures and have others do the same. ESTJs are well-organized and value structure too which means a career that deals in details is right up your alley. Accounting has concrete results and a finality about it that allows each job to be “case closed” – an attractive draw for ESTJs. Perhaps most of all, accounting doesn’t include a lot of new or untested ideas; something an ESTJ would find extremely uncomfortable. Concrete, tried an true methods are the bread and butter in this career.

2. Police Officer

Leading by example, holding other accountable to follow the rules and the authority to make them – jackpot! This career is an ESTJ dream. ESTJs are notorious for focusing on what is right in front of them and not necessarily what’s to come, which in some careers could be considered a blind spot, but not here. Police officers spend their day going from call to call and coming up with a solution for what’s right in front of them. An ESTJ’s lack of sensitivity (for lack of a better term) to how others will be affected by policies and decisions makes this a perfect fit.

3. Computer Specialist

Did someone say precision and high drive to get to job done right? That’s an ESTJ and that’s why you’ll do well in the computer specialist role. ESTJs often have high common sense and ability to trouble shoot logically which makes computer science-related jobs highly rewarding. The ESTJ personality can’t stand inefficiency either, meaning you’re always looking for a way to do it better, something that’s valued in this profession. The logical and methodical thinking helps ESTJs do well here too because it means you’ll find things like writing procedures and testing/retesting solutions exhilarating rather than frustrating.

4. Pharmacist

Counting, recounting and getting it right make this a great career for ESTJs. Pharmacists are responsible for the safety of their patients and that means following all rules and procedures to the top degree – a trait easily found in the ESTJ personality type. Since ESTJs value extreme responsibility making pharmacist a fitting career choice.

5. Editor

Correcting others’ work fits well with the ESTJ personality type. You also like to be the lead or go-to so an editing career is a great fit. The well-organized mind of an ESTJ excels in this career thanks to their common sense and logical approach to things and ability to focus on the details. Pair that with the need for efficiency and you’ve got a combination that can’t be beat for this career.

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While there are many great careers for ESTJs out there, these are certainly five great careers for ESTJ personality types.